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101 - Welcome to Republic City
Cut the garbage, Tenzin0:0489 KB 
Ending Credits (music)0:25501 KB 
Firebending training (music)1:061024 KB 
I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it0:05101 KB 
Legend of Korra Main Theme (music)1:052048 KB 
Lost my heart in Republic City (music)2:405018 KB 
Series Opening1:051229 KBLyrics
Three elements down, one to go!0:09183 KB 
Welcome to Republic City0:541024 KB 
What happened to Zuko's mom?0:27531 KB 
102 - A Leaf in the Wind
Be the leaf0:0136 KB 
I will make no such promises0:07123 KB 
Tewibaw teachaw0:09165 KB 
THE AVATAR!0:37600 KB 
Together-together0:13215 KB 
You're still a jerk0:19312 KB 
103 - The Revelation
Amon's Revelation Speech1:511741 KB 
I love you!0:0486 KB 
One yuan down...0:41658 KB 
Standard Opening0:19321 KBLyrics
The morning is evil0:0599 KB 
The Rally (music)1:503482 KB 
104 - The Voice in the Night
Amon in the shadows (music)1:152355 KB 
Amon's voice in the night interrupts the radio0:48761 KB 
Date night (music)1:031009 KB 
Forty-two years ago0:16265 KB 
Hardboiled... afraid (music)0:541741 KB 
Hittin' on all sixes (music)0:541741 KB 
I'm saving you for last0:33527 KB 
Korra is ambushed by reporters1:091126 KB 
Korra's nightmare0:11195 KB 
Mako gets a makeover (music)0:23383 KB 
105 - The Spirit of Competition
Bolin wants to know (music)1:182458 KB 
Flameo Instant Noodles0:19311 KB 
Hey Makoooooo0:0360 KB 
Jinora and Ikki's love advice0:36573 KB 
Meeting Tahno0:50798 KB 
She's beautiful, I'm gorgeous!0:10177 KB 
You're a bad idea0:06106 KB 
106 - And The Winner Is...
Amon's threat0:34555 KB 
Like old times?0:11191 KB 
Pro-Bending (music)0:34344 KB 
Shiro Shinobi can commentate through anything0:25406 KB 
The history of Lin and Tenzin0:37603 KB 
The revolution has begun!2:011946 KB 
They're bending my mind!0:0597 KB 
107 - The Aftermath
Informant0:37600 KB 
Metalbenders have loud steps0:06117 KB 
Not my Cabbage Corp!0:0370 KB 
Outside the law0:31503 KB 
See you around, Uhvatar0:0481 KB 
Tarrlok's press conference0:33529 KB 
The overheard phone call0:22363 KB 
108 - When Extremes Meet
Bolin and Ikki0:13227 KB 
Korra gets a pep talk0:33536 KB 
Looking at Aang's statue (music)0:39620 KB 
Saikhan is the worst ever0:13217 KB 
Tarrlok talks down Korra1:01969 KB 
You're a bloodbender?0:21350 KB 
109 - Out of the Past
Tarrlok's story0:51807 KB 
Tenzin stammering0:0594 KB 
The council page talks0:50788 KB 
This better be important!0:11175 KB 
Twinkle Toes0:21330 KB 
Wake up! *slap*0:0471 KB 
Yakone's trial1:591843 KB 
You're safe (music)0:34544 KB 
110 - Turning the Tides
Boil it yourself!0:06114 KB 
Dear0:31509 KB 
Lin's sacrifice0:36577 KB 
Meet Rohan0:43683 KB 
Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend!0:0367 KB 
That lady is my hero0:0592 KB 
The new General Iroh0:36573 KB 
The time has come0:06108 KB 
111 - Skeletons in the Closet
A wise and noble hobo0:39620 KB 
Hiroshi's rally0:41651 KB 
I'm Amon's brother0:24386 KB 
Noatak was a prodigy0:23370 KB 
Something changed in Noatak over the years0:21339 KB 
Tarrlok and Noatak's good years1:321434 KB 
Tarrlok hated bloodbending0:12198 KB 
Where does Hiroshi find the time?0:0589 KB 
Yakone makes his sons bloodbend each other2:302355 KB 
Yakone reveals his past to his sons1:171229 KB 
112 - Endgame
Aang's wisdom1:301434 KB 
Aye aye, Captain... ooh General, General!0:15245 KB 
Hiroshi hopes he and Asami can be a family again someday0:22355 KB 
Hiroshi Sato is a horrible father1:311434 KB 
I dedicated my life to you!0:40636 KB 
I'll just stand over here, quietly, in silence0:16261 KB 
Just like the good old days0:41659 KB 
Uncle Bumi is here!0:10181 KB 
You're all I have left0:43683 KB 
201 - Rebel Spirit
Bolin flirts with Eska0:521024 KB 
Book 1 Summary0:22359 KB 
Desna is a guy0:13264 KB 
Ikki wants to be Harry Potter0:0368 KB 
Looks like you had car trouble0:05107 KB 
Spend time with your siblings0:10159 KB 
Tenzin is sensitive0:14289 KB 
Unalaq tells the SWT they suck0:42829 KB 
202 - The Southern Lights
Bolin's fancy new snowsuit0:35696 KB 
Bumi and Kya are not Tenzin's servants0:23470 KB 
Find the light in the dark0:11224 KB 
I will protect you, my feeble turtleduck0:09182 KB 
The Everstorm0:27537 KB 
The War of Northern Aggression0:38756 KB 
Tonraq is Zuko 2.00:07140 KB 
203 - Civil Wars, Part 1
Another portal in the north0:41814 KB 
Brotherly advice0:46 908 KB 
Great vacations with Dad0:34533 KB 
Reconciliation... interrupted1:161536 KB 
Sweetie0:0119 KB 
Unalaq's plan?0:13260 KB 
Varrick's rhetorical questions0:44701 KB 
Was that... a laugh?0:0350 KB