Biography for Korra

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Janet Varney & Cora Baker

Backstory: Korra has had a capacity for bending since she was very young. She has never hesitated to own up to the title of Avatar, and believes without a doubt that she has what it takes to fulfill the role. Korra lived and trained in the South Pole until she was 17. She then decided (completely on her own) to move to Republic City to be schooled in the art of airbending by Tenzin, Avatar Aang's son and the only surviving Master Airbender. Besides butting heads with Chief Lin Beifong and the metalbending police, Korra quickly entangled herself in the sport of Pro-bending, joining the Fire Ferrets in an attempt to hone her bending skills. All this was challenged when Amon and the Equalists threatened to steal the powers of every living bender. With the help of her friends (and a little boost from Avatar Aang) Korra was able to defeat Amon and restore Republic City to relative peace.

Returning home to the Southern Water Tribe, Korra discovered that her overly sheltered childhood was the work of Tenzin and her father, Tonraq, and not Avatar Aang as she had previous believed. Soon after, she discovers that the Southern Water Tribe is threatened by mysterious Dark Spirits. Attempting to bring balance back to the world of humans and spirits, Korra now trains under her Uncle Unalaq, but as her training develops, Korra discovers that even the best laid plans of men and spirits often go awry.

Powers: Korra is the current incarnation of the Avatar, capable of controlling all four elements. Since her early childhood, Korra had the ability to bend water, earth, and fire, and mastered those bending styles by the time she was seventeen. Korra has been learning airbending from Master Tenzin, but it has been difficult as it is the element most opposite her nature. Korra is satisfied with her basic "Korra Style" of airbending, but Tenzin still thinks she has a lot to learn. With the spirits now threatening the world, Korra has left Tenzin to study a new style of waterbending from her uncle, Unalaq of the Northern Water Tribe, which can restore balance to Dark Spirits.

Personality: Decisive and determined, Korra is filled with an adventurous spirit and the strength to seek out all that life can offer her. Bold to a fault, and sometimes brash, Korra never backs down from a perceived fight, often with a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality. As Korra herself said, she is more used to starting fights than resolving them. However, her sense of justice is strong, and she does not hesitate when she sees inequity or bullying. Korra also cares deeply for her family and friends, as seen in her loyalty to them and readiness for hugs. She was deeply hurt by Tenzin and her father when she found out that her sheltered childhood was done on their orders, but even with such an argument, Korra understands that at the end of the day, family is most important.

As she now realizes, being an Avatar is much more than fun and bending. As tensions in the Water Tribe rise, Korra must access the spiritual side of the Avatar, something she has struggled with from the beginning.

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