Biography for White Lotus Leader
White Lotus Leader

Affiliation: White Lotus
Voiced by: Stephen Root

Backstory: The White Lotus is an extension of the original group of bending masters that helped Avatar Aang to win the Hundred Year War. The White Lotus Leader is charged with overseeing this ancient group and implementing the wishes of the late Avatar Aang. They were charged by Avatar Aang with the task of keeping the next avatar, Avatar Korra, safe while learning to bend all four elements. The White Lotus Leader was present when the next incarnation of the Avatar was discovered; he helped in making the final declaration of the news. He is slowly learning that Korra is a force to be reckoned with, and so has his work cut out for himself. Any current political influences are currently unknown.

Powers: Waterbending

Personality: A deep sense of obligation is with the White Lotus Leader, for he not only works on helping the world, but must also keep Korra safe through training. This leads him to be tough on Korra, perhaps too much at times.

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