Biography for Pema

Affiliation: Republic City, Air
Voiced by: Maria Bamford

Backstory: Pema is the wife of Tenzin and mother of their four children, at least three of whom are airbenders. In her youth, Pema was an air acolyte on Air Temple Island and Tenzin was one of her teachers. At the time, Tenzin was in a relationship with Lin, though it was on the rocks. Unable to see her true love unhappy, Pema confessed her love for Tenzin. He then broke his relationship with Lin and began dating Pema. While at first angry about the situation (Lin even tried to have Pema thrown in jail!) Pema and Lin settled their differences during the Equalist Crisis and have grown to respect each other. Pema lives her life raising their children on Air Temple Island, and is currently accompanying her family on a vacation tour of the Air Temples around the world.

Powers: Non-bender

Personality: Aspiring to live like the air nomads, Pema is compassionate, caring, and motherly, with a good sense of humor. Like her husband Tenzin, she can have bouts of pent up tension. She is also a stressed-out mom with the weight of the airbenders resting on her offspring, but still acts as the support system for her husband.

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