Biography for Jinora

Affiliation: Republic City, Air
Voiced by: Kiernan Shipka

Backstory: The eldest child of Tenzin and Pema and the first grandchild of Katara, Jinora is a promising airbending student with a love of history. Jinora has grown up on Air Temple Island and travels with her family to the Southern Water Tribe to visit her paternal grandmother, Katara. Although she loves her family, Jinora has trouble always getting along with her younger sister, Ikki. Jinora spends much of her free time immersing herself in books and knowledge. Although still a student, Jinora has proven to be a talented bender capable of the air scooter, flying a glider, and powering the ancient airbending training panels. Her love of history now has her exploring the Southern Air Temple where she encounters an unknown statue.

Powers: Airbending

Personality: Seeming reserved, Jinora would often rather curl up with a historical fiction book than participate in social activities. When she expresses herself, she demonstrates a subtle humor and wit. She is the calmest of all of Tenzin and Pema's children, but is not above getting into an argument when sisterly bonds are taxed.

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