Biography for Ikki

Affiliation: Republic City, Air
Voiced by: Darcy Rose Byrnes

Backstory: As a middle child and an intuitive personality, Ikki has grown up with an insatiable need to know about the world around her. Though she is still young, she is training well in the art of airbending, even if it occasionally tries her patience. Ikki has grown up on Air Temple Island with her father, mother, and two siblings. Her friendly personality helped her to form an instant sister-like bond with Avatar Korra, and she assists willingly in Korra's airbending education.

Powers: Airbending

Personality: Curious and quick, Ikki's thoughts race as quickly as her words (or so it sometimes seems!). She has questions for everything and never seems to stop. However, she is learning to curve these when needed as she is a student of air bending.

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