Biography for Meelo

Affiliation: Republic City, Air
Voiced by: Logan Wells

Backstory: The third child and first son of Tenzin and Pema, Meelo is a handful of energy, always on the go and ready for anything. A frequent sidekick to his older sisters, Meelo has an easygoing attitude. Meelo may be young, but he is becoming quite the accomplished airbender, helping his older siblings fend off an Equalist attack on Air Temple Island. In the months after the Equalist Conflict, Meelo is shown to have mastered the Air Scooter and competes in races with his sisters and Korra.

Powers: Airbending

Personality: Enthusiastic and energetic, Meelo is always on the move. A goofy kid (rather like his grandfather, Aang) Meelo loves to joke and comment on life- or his Uncle Bumi's stomach! He also shows signs of being quite a little flirt, calling Asami pretty when she took refuge on Air Temple Island.

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