Biography for Lieutenant

Affiliation: Equalists
Voiced by: Lance Henriksen

Backstory: The Lieutenant is the chief officer in Amon's scheme towards revolution. He does not have the ability to bend, but he counters his opponents' strength by utilizing weapons that emit lightning. An agile fighter and a fierce supporter of the Equalist cause, the Lieutenant clearly has deep personal reasons for being involved with the revolt against the bending population. Little is known of his background, but it's obvious that Amon relies on him a great deal, suggesting that he has been a major facet of the movement since the beginning.

Powers: Non-bender; A skilled fighter, proficient in the use of lightning sticks

Personality: A dedicated and loyal Equalist, the Lieutenant has been with Amon for some time. He believes in all that the Equalist movement stands for, stating himself that the time of benders is over. His intensity can also be seen in his fighting style, quick, precise, and efficient.

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