Biography for Saikhan

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Richard Epcar

Backstory: Not much is known of Captain Saikhan's background, other than his contributions towards upholding the law in Republic City. Saikhan is the captain of the Metalbending Police, Chief Beifong's second in command, and he puts justice above petty excuses or stories dolled out by criminals (or young Avatars). His devotion to his job hints that he has long been part of the Republic City police force, and that he doesn't plan on jeopardizing that position anytime soon. Upon Beifong's resignation, Saikhan became the new Chief of the Metalbending Police, although he deferred to Councilman Tarrlok on matters related to Amon and the Equalists.

Powers: Earthbending, Metalbending

Personality: A dedicated and hard-working man, Captain Saikhan works vigilantly to ensure that Republic City is a safe place for all.

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