Biography for Pabu

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker

Backstory: One day while out collecting bets for the Triple Threat Triad, Bolin found Pabu in a cage about to be fed to a phythonaconda. Bolin asked to buy the fire ferret but the shop owner refused. That night, Bolin broke into the shop to save the little fire ferret, almost being eaten by the phythonaconda in the process! Mako stepped in to save them both. Since then, Pabu and Bolin have been inseparable, even being the inspiration for the brothers' pro-bending team mascot. Since then, Pabu has been adopted by the whole Team Avatar and enjoys being held by anyone who will scratch behind his ears.

Powers: He can walk on his front legs, jump through hoops, do flips in the air, and can chew through heavy-duty rope.

Personality: Loyal to Bolin and a bit of a goof himself, Pabu is the perfect accomplice for Bolin. Often, Pabu helps Bolin in either a bit of thievery or mischief. Pabu is not afraid of using his charms to extract what he wants.

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