Biography for Gommu

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Stephen Root

Backstory: A nomad of sorts, he has called many places within the city limits home. He views his most recent bush establishment as a step up, which dredges up the question of what sort of places he's lived previously. Though the Hobo lives in a bush, he is both friendly and talkative towards Korra, welcoming her to the city and insisting she has much to learn. A little is known of his background -- that he was born to immigrant parents, was raised in an orphanage, and has worked as a telegraph operator before adopting a nomadic lifestyle -- and it's evident he has a very personal understanding of just how questionable the living situation in Republic City has become.

Powers: Non-bender

Personality: The first to officially welcome Korra to Republic City, the Hobo is an eccentric character. He likes to talk and give advice. He also is fond of his current home, a sparkly bush.

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