Biography for Kya II
Kya II

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Lisa Edelstein

Backstory: The second child and only daughter of Avatar Aang and Master Katara, Kya is the only waterbender amongst her siblings. Although much isn't known about her childhood, Kya did have a teasing relationship with her brothers, particularly Tenzin. Kya has remarked how distant Tenzin and Aang became to the family when Tenzin began his airbending training with their father. She also mentions how Avatar Aang's duties kept him away from the family more often than she would have liked. During her young adulthood, she left home and explored the world, discovering herself in the process. After her father's death, Kya moved to the Southern Water Tribe to be with her mother.

Powers: Waterbending, Healing

Personality: A combination of her rather extreme brothers, Kya lands in the middle with her nature, being at times boisterous and ready for adventure, and other times trying to be a voice of reason. She was called a rather rambunctious child by her mother. Kind and caring towards her mother and nieces, she seems to hold some unresolved issues with her brothers.

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