Biography for Tenzin

Affiliation: Republic City, Air
Voiced by: JK Simmons

Backstory: The only airbending offspring of Avatar Aang and Katara (also the youngest of his siblings, Bumi and Kya), Tenzin lives on Air Temple Island in Republic City. He grew up under the direct tutelage of his father, being the only other air bender in existence at the time. Feeling the weight of this responsibility, Tenzin did not inherit his father’s easy-going nature. For several years, Tenzin acted as a councilman for Republic City. In the wake of the conflict with the Equalists, the council was replaced by an elected president and Tenzin was freed of that responsibility. Tenzin acted as Korra's instructor in airbending and the spiritual nature of the Avatar. However, this relationship came to a sudden end during their recent trip of the Southern Water Tribe, where Korra learned that Tenzin helped mastermind her sheltered upbringing just before he proved to be ineffective in curbing the dark spirits. Currently, Tenzin is taking a long overdue vacation with his wife, Pema; their four children: Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan; and his siblings Bumi and Kya.

Powers: Master Airbender

Personality: Tenzin is a serious man who feels weighed down by the burden of being the oldest living link to the Air Nomad cultural past. As such, his nature is more grounded than other Air Nomads of the past. Though it is a difficult job, Tenzin is committed to upholding his father's legacy and doing what is best for not only the Air Acolytes, but also Avatar Korra and the world. He may have a serious demeanor, but he cares deeply for all those to whom he is close to. His stern exterior drops completely when in the company of his newborn son, Rohan.

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