Biography for Bumi II
Bumi II

Affiliation: United Forces
Voiced by: Richard Riehle

Backstory: The firstborn of Avatar Aang and Master Katara, Bumi is the only non-bending child of his siblings. While much isn't known about his early childhood, Bumi did spend some of it teasing his younger siblings, particularly Tenzin. Bumi has commented on how their father spent a lot of extra time and field trips with Tenzin, excluding his other children. Bumi was a member of the United Forces navy, receiving the rank of Commander of the Second Division. Currently, he is retired.

Powers: Non-bender

Personality: Introducing himself to the saga with a wild scream, Bumi is an oddball with a great sense of adventure and fun. But don't let that fool you. As General Iroh II says, "[he's] a bit of a wild man, but the bravest commander you'll ever meet." Bumi tells fantastic tales to his family, including his adventures of fighting three typhoons to save 6 (13, 27?) people trapped in a cave.

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