Biography for Aang

Affiliation: Air, Spirit
Voiced by: DB Sweeney

Backstory: Avatar Aang was responsible for saving the world by ending the Hundred Year War, but Republic City presented him with an entirely new set of problems. Finding harmony in a place full of diverse benders and attitudes was a difficult task, and one that was nearly thwarted when crime lord Yakone threatened to destroy the peace of Republic City with his power-hungry motives. After defeating Yakone and taking his bending using the Avatar State, Avatar Aang continued working towards building prosperity throughout the city and the world. After his death, the avatar spirit and purpose was transferred to the new Avatar, a waterbender named Korra.

Powers: Avatar Powers; Master Airbender, Waterbender, Earthbender and Firebender; Energybending

Personality: While none could forget Aang's sweet nature and innocence as a child, the world realized that being a kind person does not mean that one is a push-over. In the instance in Republic City with Yakone, Aang shows no regret or remorse at having to utilize his Avatar powers to the fullest and accepts the repercussions for them. This is not the only side to him, though. Aang's legacy is shown in the reverence that people give to the merest mention of his name. His gentleness and strength are also shown though the actions of his children and grandchildren. In his guiding of the new Avatar Korra, Aang is shown to be caring, wise, and as always with his willingness to help.

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