Biography for Asami Sato
Asami Sato

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Seychelle Gabriel

Backstory: Asami Sato has grown up in a life lush with luxury and business. Being the daughter of one of Republic City's most elite and inventive entrepreneurs, Asami has no qualms with living a fine lifestyle and enjoying the best food and experiences that the city has to offer. Though she has never wanted for anything monetarily, she has maintained a stable and down-to-earth personality due to the loss of her mother when she was a child. Asami enjoys eating at fine restaurants, riding her moped, racing cars, and keeping up with Pro-bending teams as they vie for the championship title. Asami comes to know Avatar Korra after she accidentally runs into Mako on the street with her moped. Though Asami immediately hits it off with Mako, Korra is not as thrilled when she enters the picture. While a non-bender, Asami does not sympathize with the Equalists, and is shocked and disgusted when she finds out that her father has been collaborating with them. She eventually confronted her father for his betrayal, and defeated him in a battle involving his robotic inventions. Though Asami has had to deal with much turmoil in her life, she has maintained her standing that benders and non-benders should live in harmony. Her skill with a car and defense fighting prowess helped Avatar Korra to quell the Equalist insurgence and bring peace back to Republic City.

Powers: Non-bender; Racecar driver; Highly skilled in self-defense

Personality: Compassionate and caring, Asami is a gently natured person upon first meeting. She shows great concern towards Mako after running into him and feels it is her duty to make it up to him. Asami enjoys sharing her wealth with others, as seen with her outfitting the Bending Brothers. After joining Team Avatar, Asami's relationship with Mako fell to ruin because of Mako's hidden feelings for Korra. Asami seemed to quietly forgive Mako for his behavior, and made clear just how much strength she has when she was able to move forward emotionally from the tarnished relationship. Having helped Korra to defeat the Equalist movement, Asami showed the depth of her personality. She is brave, intelligent, and fiercely loyal to her friends.

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