Biography for Butakha

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson

Backstory: The owner of the Republic City Pro-bending gym, Butakha has no qualms with demanding payment from those involved with the Pro-bending arena. His sticky fingers and vast appreciation of money is evident in his apparel, his confidence in his dealings, and his insistence that the entrance fee for the Pro-bending tournament be an exorbitant amount. After years and years of being in the business, Buthaka has become skilled at persuasively extracting money from those involved with the sport.

Powers: unknown

Personality: A consummate businessman, Butakha operates under the direction of his wallet. Not one for charity without something for him at the end, Butakha rarely grants early payment. However, a personal loan with a heavy investment is never off the negotiating table.

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