Biography for Zolt

Affiliation: Triple Threat Triad
Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson

Backstory: Lightning Bolt Zolt has been the brains of the Triple Threat Triad for as long as they've been in existence. His snarky wit and no-nonsense personality make him perfect for taking a leadership role of one of Republic City's most reputable mobs. Lightning Bolt Zolt is an accomplished Firebender and Lightning-Bender, and has no fear of someone besting his abilities. Unfortunately, Amon decides to make use of the mob leader as an example, and Zolt's bending abilities are quickly robbed from his character.

Powers: Firebending, Lightningbending (until Amon removed his bending)

Personality: As the leader of the Triple Threat Triad, Zolt is a smart and quick thinking man, ready to take advantage of any situation. He is used to being challenged and even more used to winning through whatever means. Zolt also trusts in his bending abilities, especially the lightning from which he gets his name. Lightning fast, Zolt will go into any situation with confidence.

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