Biography for Doorman

Affiliation: Equalists
Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson

Backstory: Nothing is known of the Doorman's background, but that he came from humble beginnings, is a staunch supporter of the Equalist cause, and associates himself with fellow Equalists by calling them "brother" or "sister". He clearly feels that the revolution is where he belongs, and he commits himself fully to the fight against benders.

Powers: The ability to look serious and imposing; At least somewhat skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, using metal tools as offensive weapons

Personality: No one's fool, the Doorman is large and intimidating. He puts himself to good work with the Equalists by acting as their first line of defense. However, once you prove to him that you are a brother or sister in the cause, the Doorman warms up to you and is most welcoming.

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