Biography for Mako

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: David Faustino

Backstory: Mako is the older brother of Bolin and the boyfriend of Avatar Korra. When he was young, both of his parents were killed, causing Mako to be the sole supporter of himself and his brother. At first, they turned to the local Triads for work and collected bets. However, this changed when they met Toza, a famous Earthbender and member of the Pro-bending team, the Boar-Q-Pines. Toza took the brothers in and let them train and live in the Pro-bending Arena. Mako and Bolin grew up to form two-thirds of the Fire Ferrets Pro-Bending team. When Avatar Korra joined the team, Mako was thrown into the Equalist conflict. For a short while he dated Asami, now head of Future Industries, but he soon realized his stronger feelings for Korra, and he and Asami parted as friends. Mako assisted Avatar Korra when she finally confronted Amon and the Equalists. After the events, Mako and Korra declared their relationship official. When he returned to Republic City, Mako began working for Chief Lin Beifong as a policeman. Currently, Mako is with Korra in the Southern Water Tribe as they try to understand the political dynamics of the two tribes and the appearance of Spirits in the world again.

Powers: Firebending, Lightningbending

Personality: At first, Mako can be seen as standoffish, perhaps even cold. However, this comes from his formality and propriety. Mako is a dedicated, focused, quiet, and thoughtful young man, with a tendency towards brooding. He is motivated towards making life better for his brother and himself, and is not above sacrifice to turn those dreams into reality. Fiercely protective of those he cares about, Mako went on missions to rescue both Korra and Bolin during the conflict with the Equalists. In times of peace, Mako has relaxed and seems to be enjoying his new role in life as a policeman. (Some of his time is spent preparing one-liners to give as he catches the bad guys!) In his relationship with Korra, Mako is trying to balance being supportive and a good listener. As always, Mako is there for his brother Bolin in giving advice, however awkward it may be.

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