Biography for Shin

Affiliation: Triple Threat Triad
Voiced by: Fisher Stevens

Backstory: Shady Shin is a manipulating member of the Triple Threat Triad gang, and is known for his shady dealings with the thugs of Republic City. His role in the Triads depends on his ability to threaten and steal from the general population of Republic City. Shady Shin has done deals with Bolin and Mako in the past, and he has gone unchallenged by all he's confronted... until Korra and Amon enter the scene.

Powers: Waterbending (until Amon removed his bending)

Personality: They don't call him Shady for nothing, Shady Shin is a person not above using the law as mere 'guidelines' in order to achieve his own ends. Sneaky, slick, and sly all describe him.

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