Biography for Tarrlok

Affiliation: Republic City, Water
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker & Nicholas Braico

Backstory: As an ambitious Councilman on the United Republic Council, Tarrlok has a history of striving to maintain a certain level of power in the city. Tarrlok's notorious past keeps Tenzin on edge, especially when the Northern Water Tribe representative goes out of his way to begin a special task force to eliminate the Equalist supporters within the city. Tarrlok's abrupt decision to head such a gargantuan task suggests there are hidden agendas involved. He goes the extra mile towards arousing suspicions when he cajoles Avatar Korra into helping him in his effort to rid the city of the Equalist movement.

Powers: Waterbending, Bloodbending without the full moon (until Amon removed his bending)

Personality: Ambitious and with enough motivation to see those plans through, Tarrlok is a force with which to be reckoned. He is stubborn and nearly always gets what he wants, no matter the cost of achieving. Tarrlok is also a competent waterbender. He is a character who rarely misses his mark.

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