Biography for Sokka

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Chris Hardwick

Backstory: Goofy personality and meat loving jokes aside, Sokka grew to be one of the most influential non-benders in Republic City. As a city council member and a talented public speaker, Sokka's participation in Yakone's trial helped to determine the verdict that would drive the criminal mastermind to showing his true colors. Sokka maintained his friendship and dedication to Team Avatar even as he grew older, and helped to build Republic City to the thriving metropolis it is in Korra's time.

Powers: Non-bender; Skilled with the sword and the boomerang; Excellent planner, tactician and inventor

Personality: Though we are shown little, Sokka shows himself to be a man of wisdom and loyalty. Wisdom in that the newly formed council accepts his leadership in times of crisis and loyalty in that Sokka still regards himself as one of the official Team Avatar. His goofy nature still peeks through this serious appearance now and again as when Sokka mentions his trusty boomerang in thwarting enemies while in council sessions.

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