Biography for Toph

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Kate Higgins

Backstory: Once a rebellious and sarcastic personality, Toph Beifong used her unique earthbending and metalbending abilities to mold her talents to better fit a more lawful purpose. Having opened a metalbending academy after the Hundred Year War, she devoted herself to the education of future metalbenders. Eventually, Toph would go on to found the metalbending police force that would keep order in Republic City. Toph's no-nonsense, straightforward attitude served her well in bringing criminals to justice. Although she became a servant of the law, she maintained her friendly banter with her friends, continually referring to Avatar Aang as "Twinkletoes", much to his chagrin.

Powers: Master Earthbender; Inventor of Metalbending; Tremor-vision; Lie-detection

Personality: Though Toph's station in life may have changed to that of the Chief of Police in the rising metropolis of Republic City, it's nice to know that her sense of humor and method of approaching a delicate situation are still the same. Toph approaches the world with little non-sense and still takes great delight in teasing her closest friends. Don't forget that she is one of the toughest benders around though!

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