Biography for Fire Nation Councilwoman
Fire Nation Councilwoman

Affiliation: Republic City, Fire
Voiced by: Mindy Sterling

Backstory: The Fire Nation Councilwoman has been involved in politics for a good while, as is evident through her professional conduct during the customary Republic City Council meetings. Her utmost goal is maintaining the peace in Republic City, and her unswerving efforts to reach the best decision for the city suggest that she's devoted much of her life to ensuring that city order remains in place.

Powers: Firebending

Personality: As befitting a member of the Republic City Council, the Councilwoman for the Fire Nation is strong-minded, compassionate, with a good head upon her shoulders. Her concern for the city is always predominant, followed by her watchfulness for the Fire Nation. Never brash, sometimes her concern for justice for the city overrides logic.

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