Biography for Tahno

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Rami Malek

Backstory: Tahno's blatant confidence and overbearing ego belay his success in the sport of Pro-bending, and demonstrate that he's let his team's winnings go to his head. As leader of the Wolfbats Pro-bending team, Tahno has been a public figure for the long duration of the Wolfbats' championship status. Tahno isn't used to anyone having the guts to stand up to him, and believes that his reign over the sport is in an unthreatened state of existence. He doesn't put much stock in the Wolfbats' winning streak coming to an end any time soon, and isn't afraid to use and abuse his reputation both in and out of the gym. He's also not above cheating in order to achieve his goals.

Powers: Waterbending (until Amon removed his bending)

Personality: Narcissistic, indulgent, and filled with bravado, Tahno treats the world as his personal stage to play upon and believes all shall treat him with (at least) the utmost respect. A powerful waterbender, his cocky attitude towards others, particularly Korra, shows his lack of regard for others. This all changes after his bending is taken away from him by Amon. Since that time, Tahno has been depressed, visiting healers but to no avail. Though his cocky attitude has diminished, a trace of his rebellious attitude can still be seen in his asking Korra to fight to bring Amon's revolution to an end.

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