Biography for Bolin

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: PJ Byrne

Backstory: Bolin is the younger brother of Mako. At a young age, their parents were killed, which made Mako the primary caretaker of their small family. Trying to make their way in the world, the brothers began to work with the Triple Threat Triads, taking bet money. This changed when Bolin met Toza, the earthbender and leader of the Pro-Bending team the Boar-Q-Pines. Toza took the brothers in and allowed them to train and live in the Pro-Bending arena. Occupying the attic with his brother and training to become an accomplished Pro-Bender, Bolin spent a lot of his time honing his earthbending skills... and soaking up attention from his female fans. When he met Avatar Korra, he was thrown into the Equalist conflict and nearly lost his bending in the process. Bolin acted on feelings for Korra and took her out on a date, but in the end they decided to be friends. After the restoration of Republic City, Bolin continued to be a pro-bending player, though with much less competitive teammates. Currently, he is acting as Asami's assistant in her negotiations with Varrick. Bolin is also dating Eska, but he is now looking for a way out of the relationship.

Powers: Earthbending

Personality: In contrast to the steady and heavy nature of earthbending, Bolin is the epitome of the laid-back and fun-loving nature. His reputation with the ladies precedes him, and he is not afraid to improve upon it. Impulsive, expressive, and optimistic (perhaps even a bit naive), Bolin approaches life with humor and a healthy dose of flirtation. He is easy to befriend, though he himself admits that he is a poor judge of character. This led him to his current predicament with Eska. Do not let his easy going nature fool you, however. Bolin is a powerful earthbender who is highly competitive in the pro-bending ring.

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