Biography for Yakone

Affiliation: Republic City
Voiced by: Clancy Brown

Backstory: Yakone originated as a mob crime leader in Republic City, dealing with shady alliances and fostering divisive attitudes among the various bending gangs. Yakone was brought before the city council by the metalbending police's first chief, Toph Beifong, to answer for his crimes. During his trial, Yakone revealed his ability to bloodbend without a full moon, incapacitating the entirety of the courtroom and nearly destroying Avatar Aang. Avatar Aang withdrew Yakone's bending ability and imprisoned him with the help of the Avatar State. It was because of this that Yakone, after having escaped prison, decided to start a new life and raise his Northern Water Tribe family to avenge his loss. Yakone's sons, Tarrlok and Noatak, eventually went on to become pivotal players in the Equalist revolution.

Powers: Waterbending, Bloodbending without the full moon (until Avatar Aang removed his bending)

Personality: While no one knows what shaped Yakone's personality, all know him to be ruthless in pursuit of his desires and that nothing would ever be too much for his own sense of morality. Much of his personality is shown in his second part of life in the Northern Water Tribe where Yakone shows an ability to be two-sided. On the one end of the spectrum: he is a husband to a woman who was described as wonderful. It is on the other end that we see Yakone's brutal nature rise again. In his insistence in perfection in his children and his verbal abuse of the children, Yakone is focused only on how his children will avenge the name of their father. However, these images are starkly contrasted against how Yakone reacted to Noatak running away. During this time Yakone became withdrawn and eventually died.

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