Biography for Naga

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker

Backstory: Naga is Korra's animal companion. The exact details of how Naga and Korra met are unknown. What is known is that the two of them have been together for a very long time and quite likely have grown up together. Naga is a Polar-Bear Dog, a fierce creature that inhabits the wilds of the Northern and Southern Poles. Though such animals are traditionally hunted by the Water Tribes, Naga and Korra became good friends. In fact, it was Naga who found Korra after her kidnapping by Tarrlok. Back together at the South Pole, Naga is proving to be helpful once again by being able to detect spirits.

Powers: Naga has shown to have incredible strength and speed. She is capable of running long distances, and has defended Korra when in dangerous situations. Naga is also quite agile, as proven when she had to dodge cars in Republic City. Recently, Naga has shown her ability to detect spirits, though if this is due to an elevated spiritual connection or simply her heightened sense of smell, we do not know.

Personality: Loyal and brave, Naga is the animal companion to Avatar Korra and would do anything to help her friend. She often accompanies Korra and serves as another means of picking up on Korra's feelings, reflecting those same emotions in herself.

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