Biography for Senna

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Alex McKenna

Backstory: A native of the South Pole, Senna married Tonraq after his exile from the Northern Water Tribe. This was not kept secret from her; she and Tonraq have an open and honest relationship with each other. Hoping for a new beginning for Tonraq, they settled down on the outskirts of the Southern Water Tribe capital. However, their hopes for a quiet life were interrupted by the birth of their daughter, the Avatar Korra. Tenzin and Tonraq conspired together to have Korra trained in an isolated fortress, and although Senna was aware of this, she was not included in Korra's wrath when the truth eventually came out. Senna snuck into Korra's rooms where they had a heart-to-heart conversation about their hopes of giving Korra as normal a childhood as possible. Senna also counseled Korra on the long-held dispute between the Northern and Southern Tribes. Somewhat saddened, Senna confessed that she knew the day would come when the world needed the Avatar more than Korra needed her parents. This close family is now in jeopardy, as Chief Unalaq arrested both Senna and Tonraq for supposedly conspiring with the Southern Water Tribe rebels against him- to Korra's dismay.

Powers: Waterbending

Personality: Caring and compassionate, Senna is a supportive mother and wife who wants only what is best for her family. She is shown to be the calm member of the family, a stark contrast against her quick-tempered husband and daughter.

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