Biography for Tonraq

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui & James Remar

Backstory: Tonraq is the older brother of Unalaq and an influential figure in the Southern Water Tribe. Tonraq was born in the Northern Water Tribe and was the heir apparent. He attained the status of General in their Tribe. After driving off a raid by bandits, Tonraq followed them into a sacred forest. In the ensuing battle, the forest was destroyed, causing the spirits to attack the Northern Water Tribe. After his brother calmed the spirits, Tonraq was banished by his father. He then moved to the Southern Water Tribe, where he met Senna. Hoping for a quiet life, they settled on the outskirts of the capital of the Southern Water Tribe. Their lifestyle was disturbed when their child, Korra, was born and declared the Avatar. To keep her safe, Tonraq worked with Tenzin and the White Lotus to create a training compound where Korra was to master all the elements in safety. Upon discovering this, Korra became very angry with Tonraq, but when she came to fear for his life and freedom in the growing civil unrest in the tribe, Korra was able to forgive him. With the recent Glacial Spirits Festival and the arrival of his younger brother, Tonraq struggles to guide the Southern Water Tribe as tensions are rising.

Powers: Waterbending

Personality: While brash in his youth, Tonraq settled into a calm and fair man who is strongly attached to his family and his tribe. There is nothing that Tonraq would not do if his family's safety was at stake. Even with his past and having the Avatar as a daughter, Tonraq believes more in the physical world than the spiritual. Though he and his brother do not get along, physical violence is a line that he says he would never cross.

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