Biography for Unalaq

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Adrian Laourelle

Backstory: Current Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. Unalaq is the younger brother of Tonraq, uncle to Avatar Korra, and father of Desna and Eska. Growing up, Unalaq focused his studies on Spirits. This helped to save the Northern Water Tribe from an attack of the Spirits, caused by Tonraq destroying their forest in the North Pole. Now he seeks to bring about a Spiritual re-awakening for the Southern Water Tribe and is acting as current Spiritual Teacher to Avatar Korra.

Powers: Waterbending, Spirit-Calming

Personality: Unalaq is a strong believer in traditional values and strict adherence to the past. From his training, he believes that he holds a special connection to Spirits and their world. From this, Unalaq feels it is his mission to restore the Southern Water Tribe to its Spiritual roots by any means necessary.

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