Biography for Katara

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Eva Marie Saint

Backstory: Having grown up in a time of war and peril, Katara is both appreciative and optimistic to have the chance to help train the new Avatar to keep balance in the world. Katara has matured from a hotheaded, maternal teen into a wise grandmotherly figure, and she lives contentedly in the Southern Water Tribe, to a point. She realizes it is time for a new era of worldly protection, and true to her background, will never ever abandon the people who need her.

Powers: Master Waterbender, Healer, Bloodbender

Personality: Gran Gran Katara is still filled with compassion and the strength of character last seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She quietly encourages Korra to be her personal best. Perhaps at times a little lonely with her family living so far apart, one of her greatest joys is seeing her grandchildren and interacting with them.

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