Habitat: Southern Water Tribe

Description: unknown

Real World: unknown


Habitat: Southern Water Tribe

Description: unknown

Real World: unknown

Fire ferret

Habitat: Republic City (also common in the bamboo forests of the central Earth Kingdom)

Description: A small mammal creature, the Fire Ferret is covered in short, red fur with distinctive markings along the face, feet, and tail. The face is compact with upright white ears, eyebrow markings, and short muzzle. Tear-drop shaped dark fur lies under the eyes, perhaps acting as a natural sun guard. The tail is covered in distinctive rings of colors, alternating from the red and dark brown fur. Each of the four paws also is marked dark brown. The Fire Ferret is currently seen as a pet, the most notable being Pabu, the personal Fire Ferret of Bolin and the namesake of the Fire Ferret Pro-Bending team. At this time it is unknown if the Fire Ferret possesses any ability with the element of fire itself.

Real World: As Bryan Koneietzko himself said, the Fire Ferret was inspired by both the black-footed ferret and the red panda. The color and markings seem to be that of the red panda, with the ferret providing both overall body shape and inquisitiveness.

Goat elk

Habitat: Northern Water Tribe

Description: (Seen in Tonraq's NWT flashback)

Real World: unknown


Habitat: Republic City (specifically the industrial areas)

Description: This creature has the main body of a lizard with the wings and head of a crow. The body is black/dark gray in coloring with feathers covering the wings and most of the body. The beak itself is also the same color as the body. The eyes are large and located more to the front of the head, perhaps suggesting that this creature not only scavenges, but hunts as well.

Real World: The crow is a highly intelligent bird that has been known to solve complex problems with several steps. It can work in either a flock or alone. The specific lizard on which this creature is based is unknown, though it may share similarities with lizards that scavenge for food. Common characteristics can also include being cold-blooded and omnivorous.


Habitat: Southern Water Tribe

Description: unknown

Real World: unknown


Habitat: Republic City

Description: unknown

Real World: unknown

Platypus bear

Habitat: Republic City (at the pet shop where Naga was held)

Description: Standing around seven feet tall, this creature is very strong and very dangerous, but also apparently very trainable. It lays eggs and has brown fur with patterns of lighter-shaded fur around its chest and eyes. Its biggest threat is its claws and strength.

Real World: It's a cross between the brown bear and platypus. The bear aspects appear in its body, fur, and claws, while the platypus aspects are its bill and tail.

Polar-bear dog

Habitat: Southern Water Tribe

Description: A large mammal with white fur to help keep warm in the Arctic habitat. It is a heavily muscled animal with a long snout, black eyes and nose, floppy ears, large shoulders and upper body, deep rib cage, clawed feet, and a long tail for balance. Historically, they have been hunted by the Water Tribes. Korra is currently the only known owner of a Polar-bear Dog.

Real World: A combination of the polar bear and the dog. The polar bear aspects can be seen in the upper body and strength of this animal. The dog attributes are the lower body, tail, and temperament. The face seems to be a true combination of both animals.


Habitat: Republic City (though only seen in a pet shop)

Description: unknown

Real World: unknown

Ring-tailed winged lemur

Habitat: Air Temple Island, Southern Air Temple

Description: The ring-tailed winged-lemur is a close relative of the winged-lemur. They are small, lightweight creatures with bat like wings attached to their arms for flight. The fur is varying shades of gray. Their most striking feature is the ringed-tail with alternating shades of gray. The face is marked with this dark gray fur as well, surrounding two large eyes. Two wide set and large ears on the top of the head give it excellent hearing. These creatures now live with the air nomads and air affiliates on Air Temple Island.

Real World: Real-world lemurs are very similar in appearance to the winged lemur with the same basic body shape, color, and face. Real lemurs also share the same type of terrific smell. The other half of the winged lemur's anatomy appears to be bat-like. Bats possess the same large ears that they use for hearing their own screeches, which echo off walls. This gives them their bearings and is called echo-location. The winged lemur's wings are very similar to those of bats, as well, except the lemur uses them to glide rather than flap about erratically as a bat would.

Sky bison

Habitat: Air Temple Island

Description: Thought to be extinct, a small herd of Air Bison were discovered after the Hundred Year War by Avatar Aang. The flying bison is a huge, ten-ton, fluffy beast with six pawed legs and a large, broad, beaver-like tail. Two curved horns protrude out of its head and it has big, dark eyes. The flying bison's body is large enough that a platform can be harnessed to its back for groups of people to sit in. Traditionally an Air Nomad animal, it has the ability to fly and maneuver in the air. It can also use its large tail to create powerful gusts of air to blow back enemies. It has an airbender arrow on its forehead, as well, and is the natural marking of the air bison. Air Nomads emulate this marking with their tattoos of Airbending Masters. The air bison is the chosen companion of the air nomads, established early in life that lasts the entire lifetime.

Real World: The real life bison shares a similar history to the flying bison in that they were a very abundant species until foreigners came and hunted them down, reducing their numbers to near extinction. Real world bison share the same horns and fluffy exterior, though their tails are small and they have four legs with hooves instead of six legs with paws. The other half of the flying bison appears to be beaver-like in appearance. Beavers share the same type of tail and have similar noses, only not as wide.


Habitat: Republic City (though not seen, only mentioned)

Description: Not much is known about the spider-rat other than it is a rodent that likes to take residence within the buildings of Republic City. They occur often enough to keep the pest control in business.

Real World: There are many types of spiders and rats that sometimes invade homes and other buildings, and like the residence of Republic City, sometimes pest control is needed to get rid of them. Think of the creepiest combination of a real world rat and spider and you're probably very close to picturing what the spider-rat resembles.
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