New clip from Korra Nation: Little Korra
New clip from Korra Nation: Little Korra
Posted by SMBH on March 5th, 2012 @ 10:23 PM EST (601)

Little kid Korra
Korra Nation just released a new clip from the first episode of Legend of Korra -- "The White Lotus travel to a distant village to discover the new Avatar - Korra!"

In this short video, we see little kid Korra bending up a storm (not literally -- but she CAN bend three elements already at such a young age!) as three members of the Order of the White Lotus arrive at her house. We also see Korra's parents, who look both extremely proud of their daughter and very stressed from having to deal with their little fireball.

Click on the thumbnail on the right to see a larger-sized screenshot of the video, and head on over to Korra Nation to see the full clip. And while you're there, check out this interview with the Track Team.
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