More sketches from Korra Nation
More sketches from Korra Nation
Posted by SMBH on March 10th, 2012 @ 12:55 PM EST (603)

Today on Korra Nation -- "Early design work for Toza, a former Pro-Bender who gave Mako & Bolin a place to stay when they started competing." Sounds like this man is the Fire Ferrets' trainer! Click on the thumbnail on the left to see the image full-size.

Pencil sketch of TLOK opening sequence
Additionally, a couple of days ago, Korra Nation posted a "Pencil test of the opening credits for Legend of Korra, showing 3 distinct bending styles of movement." In the video, we see Avatar Kyoshi earthbending, followed by Avatar Roku firebending, and finally we see someone who is presumably a grown-up version of Avatar Aang doing some amazing airbending moves. Click on the (enhanced) thumbnail on the right to see a full-size (unaltered) screenshot of the video.

UPDATE: Yet another pencil test has been posted on Korra Nation -- "Pencil test of Korra & Bolin competing in a Pro-Bending match." 
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