A new commercial, more development art, and the rules of pro-bending
A new commercial, more development art, and the rules of pro-bending
Posted by SMBH on March 19th, 2012 @ 10:02 PM EST (611)

New TLOK TV commercial screenshots
As we continue getting closer to the premiere of The Legend of Korra, new TV ads for the series appear on Nickelodeon. This past Saturday night, a new commercial aired on Nick with a few new scenes not seen in any of the other recent trailers and ads. We have 41 screenshots of this new commercial. Click on the thumbnail on the right to go to the screenshot gallery.

Bending Arena and Yue Bay

In addition to that, we also continue to get more cool stuff from Korra Nation. On Saturday we got the two beautiful new background images seen on the thumbnail here to the left -- Bending Arena and Yue Bay. If these become available in a larger size in the future, we'll let you know by updating this paragraph.

Concept sketches for three characters

On Sunday we got three character images, seen on the thumbnail to the right. One is an early concept sketch of Korra, which shows her with a very different hairstyle than in her final design. Another is a sketch of Tahno, a newly-introduced character who is described as being a member of the Wolfbats (another pro-bending team?). And thirdly we have some development art of Tenzin.

Early concepts and background images

Then today we were given two more images, seen in the thumbnail to the left. One is an early concept sketch of Mako and Bolin, a design that is different from their final image. The other is a picture of City Hall on a snowy night. If a larger image becomes available for the City Hall picture, we'll let you know.

And finally, today the Korra Nation tumblr posted a video of Bryan explaining the rules of pro-bending. The video is 18 minutes long but completely worth watching in its entirety. Pro-bending promises to be a very interesting sport to watch!

Mora Korra Nation images
UPDATE 1: And I just realized that there were four other images in Korra Nation that I'd forgotten to mention here! In the thumbnail to the right we have a sketch of a character named Saikhan, who is a metalbending cop. We can also see some development art of Naga, Korra's polar bear dog, and a picture of the skyline of Republic City (if we get a larger image of this, we'll let you know!). And finally, an early sketch of Bolin.

Mora Korra Nation images
UPDATE 2: And then on Tuesday we got one more new image, a gorgeous painting of a boulevard at night in Republic City. Once again, if this image becomes available in a larger size, we'll let you know.

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