Episode summary for "The Spirit of Competition"
Episode summary for "The Spirit of Competition"
Posted by SMBH on May 1st, 2012 @ 12:22 PM EST (640)

The summary for the next episode of The Legend of Korra is out now, and it sounds shippy!

Episode 105, The Spirit of Competition, premieres on Saturday, May 5th, and here's the summary -- Korra and her teammates struggle to work together after romantic rivalries shake their foundation.

We also know from the preview shown on Nick that this episode deals with the pro-bending tournament. The title of episode 106, which should be premiering one week after episode 105, is And The Winner Is..., so we probably won't know the outcome of the tournament in this week's episode.

UPDATE: A slightly different, and far less shippy, episode summary has now appeared -- The Pro-Bending championships are about to start. However, differences between the Fire Ferrets threaten to end their championship bid.
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