More episode titles?
More episode titles?
Posted by SMBH on May 24th, 2012 @ 8:45 PM EST (652)

Potential episode titles
As mentioned earlier, if you go to this Xfinity cable guide and look at it quickly before the page finishes loading (or if you time your clicks well enough to stop the page loading at just the right time), you can see that it lists the title of TLOK episode 108 as When Extremes Meet. Well, if you try it again now, you can also find that it tells us the title of episode 109, and that is Out of the Past. See the screenshot on the left (click it to see the image at full size) to see the titles as they briefly appear before the page is done loading.

You can also find the titles and their broadcast dates (June 2nd for episode 108, June 9th for episode 109) if you look at the source of that page, even after it finishes loading.

These titles are not given out yet on ether zap2it or tv guide, so we're not sure if they are confirmed/final titles, but they're all we've got so far.
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