Official Trailer for TLOK Book 3: "Change"
Official Trailer for TLOK Book 3: "Change"
Posted by SMBH on June 11th, 2014 @ 6:15 PM EST (753)

TLOK Book 3 Trailer
After some TLOK Book 3 episodes were leaked earlier this week, Nickelodeon has decided to release the official trailer for Book 3: Change, and it looks fantastic. We have created 327 HD screenshots of the trailer, which you can access by clicking the image on the right.

You can watch the Book 3 trailer on Nickelodeon's website. If you can't view it (due to region-lock), then head on over to Nickelodeon's youtube channel and watch it there. For your convenience, we've embedded here the trailer from youtube:

Book 3 promises to be amazing!

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