Air Nomad Acolytes

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Metalbending Police Force

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See the Pro-Bending page for more information about this group.


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Triple Threat Triad

Led by Lightning Bolt Zolt, the Triads are groups of bending gangsters, one of several gangs that exist in Republic City.

Each triad consists of three members: one waterbender, one earthbender, and one firebender. They enjoy manipulating the people unfortunate enough to live or work within the Triads' territories, with threats and malicious demonstrations of bending. This group (and gangs of a similar nature) may have contributed to the rise (or at least support) of the Equalist movement.

United Republic Council

The Council was originally formed to uphold the positive values and moral decisions instilled by Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko when they first built Republic City. The Council is comprised of elemental benders from all different areas of the world, and meetings are held to determine courses of action for some taxing political issues. Though the council members don't always agree, the United Republic Council is run in a democratic fashion, meaning that decisions are brought about through a majority vote.

With Republic City's best interest at heart, the United Republic Council strives for excellence. They are great believers in following rules and precedents. The current political climate of Amon and the Equalist movement has left them feeling unstable, thus, results in their vote for the task force headed by their own member, Tarrlok.

White Lotus Sentries

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