The Pro-Bending Arena

Built on Yue Bay, the arena is one of the focal points of architecture to the city. The building is large with a glass dome ceiling. The exterior is covered in a golden material which is lit at night to make it glow. Inside there are several rooms. The main room is the fighting arena. Here, a hexagon shaped platform is surrounded by water and is the main stage for pro-bending matches. A large seating area surrounds the court. In addition to the arena, there are also several gyms, storage rooms, and even apartments located in the building.

The Rules of Pro-Bending

[a summary of the rules of pro-bending will be posted here]

official rules (individual pages from the official PDF):
page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5

Pro-Bending Teams

Each pro-bending team consists of three members: one firebender, one earthbender, and one waterbender. The teams are usually named after animals, and the teams' mascots are their namesakes.

Some of the pro-bending teams currently playing in the league are:

- White Falls Wolfbats
- Black Quarry Boar-q-pines
- Red Sands Rabbaroos
- Pinnacle Palace Platypus-Bears
- Capitol City Catgators
- Ember Island Eel-Hounds
- Harbor Town Hogmonkeys
- Makapu Moose-Lions
- Kolau Komodo-Rhinos
- Laogai Lion-Vultures
- Mo Ce Mongoose-Lizards
- Orchid Gardens Ostrich-Horses
- Ba Sing Se Buzzard-Wasps
- Tu Zin Tigerdillos
- Xiao Yao Zebra-Frogs
- Future Industries Fire-Ferrets
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