Republic City

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Information: Republic City is a melting pot of cultures in the Avatar world, and as such it features foods from around the globe. The following information about cuisine in Republic City comes from

Fire Nation Cuisine
Fire Nation food offerings consist of cabbage, leechi nuts, noodles, rice and tea. Being that it is from the Fire Nation, some of their foods can have a spicy kick to it.

Earth Kingdom Cuisine
Earth Kingdom cuisine consists mostly of a variety of grown foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, rice and tea. Meats and poultry from wild game and farms are also common.

Water Tribe Cuisine
Water Tribe food is heavily sea based and consists of sea crab, sea prunes, sea squid, seaweed and seal jerky. Noodles are also a common dish. Narook's Seaweed Noodlery in Republic City is renowned for its authentic Southern Water Tribe food.

Air Nomad Cuisine
Air Nomad cuisine is mostly vegetarian dishes, as Air Nomads believed that all life is precious. Aside from vegetarian dishes, Air Nomads are known for their sweets, such as fruit pies and custard tarts.

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