HD Screenshots
Episodes with no screenshots are not listed.

002SDCC 2011 Legend of Korra Trailer353 screens
003Legend of Korra TV Ad #187 screens
005New trailer for The Legend of Korra108 screens
007From Aang to Korra164 screens
008This season on The Legend of Korra86 screens
011Season Finale Preview93 screens
012SDCC 2013 Book 2 Trailer476 screens
013Republic City Hustle - Part 1293 screens
015Republic City Hustle - Part 2373 screens
016Republic City Hustle - Part 3319 screens
017New Book 2 Trailer, "The Wait is Over"142 screens
018Book 3 Trailer327 screens
019Book 3 Commercial150 screens
022Book 4 Trailer620 screens
Book 1: Air
101Welcome to Republic City1338 screens
102A Leaf in the Wind1725 screens
103The Revelation2021 screens
104The Voice in the Night2263 screens
105The Spirit of Competition2397 screens
106And The Winner Is...2647 screens
107The Aftermath2024 screens
108When Extremes Meet2187 screens
109Out of the Past2065 screens
110Turning the Tides2512 screens
111Skeletons in the Closet2388 screens
112Endgame2947 screens
Book 2: Spirits
201Rebel Spirit2672 screens
202The Southern Lights2265 screens
203Civil Wars, Part 12152 screens
204Civil Wars, Part 21833 screens
205Peacekeepers2199 screens
206The Sting2280 screens
207Beginnings, Part 12762 screens
208Beginnings, Part 23070 screens
209The Guide1842 screens
210A New Spiritual Age2531 screens
211Night of a Thousand Stars3225 screens
212Harmonic Convergence3146 screens
213Darkness Falls4158 screens
214Light in the Dark3469 screens
Book 3: Change
301A Breath of Fresh Air2898 screens
302Rebirth 3225 screens
303The Earth Queen2485 screens
304In Harm's Way3707 screens
305The Metal Clan1249 screens
306Old Wounds1803 screens
307Original Airbenders1866 screens
308The Terror Within1797 screens
309The Stakeout1565 screens
310Long Live the Queen1563 screens
311The Ultimatum1240 screens
312Enter the Void1239 screens
313Venom of the Red Lotus1251 screens
Book 4: Balance
401After All These Years1555 screens
402Korra Alone1557 screens
403The Coronation1562 screens
404The Calling1554 screens
405Enemy at the Gates1564 screens
406The Battle of Zaofu1549 screens
407Reunion1549 screens
408Remembrances1557 screens
409Beyond the Wilds1556 screens
410Operation Beifong1551 screens
411Kuvira's Gambit1562 screens
412Day of the Colossus4555 screens
413The Last Stand4164 screens