Hot air balloons were already around in the original "Avatar: The Last Airbender", but "The Legend of Korra" features a more advanced version. These airships were manufactured by Future Industries, the company of Hiroshi Sato. They are used by the Police for monitoring the streets of Republic City, as large sections of the city are visible from up in the air.

Cargo ship

The classy and updated visage of the Cargo Ship represents the new technological era enveloping the world. The Cargo Ship is one of the few means of transportation between the South Pole and the more populated area of Republic City. It transports all sorts of freight to Republic City, including the infamous Satomobile brand.


One of the most influential new technologies is probably the invention of electricity and electric power networks. Unlike in our world, electricity in the world of Korra is generated by lightning benders. At the power plant, the electricity is transformed, stored, and distributed throughout Republic City. It is a hard, thankless job for a firebender.

Electrified glove

Although the city's power network is supplied by lightningbenders, the Equalists seem to have developed other means of creating electricity. Hiroshi Sato invented gloves with a built-in electricity device that can be used as a taser, creating electric shocks that can temporally paralyze someone. Although they weren't present yet in the beginning on the show, they have since been mass-produced and handed out to many of Amon's henchmen, giving them the ability to take out benders without having to be trained as a chi-blocker.

The damage they do seems to be non-permanent, though there's no way of knowing if there are any effects on the long term.

Electrified sticks

The electrified gloves are not the only electrocuting device. Amon's right hand, The Lieutenant, carries on his back a container with a pair of sticks that can be used as a taser, giving electric shocks that temporally paralyze the victim. They can also be used to electrocute an entire body of water, affecting everyone in it. Their electrocuting ability is similar to that of the electrified gloves; given the earlier appearance of the sticks, it is possible that they were a prototype. However, unlike the gloves, the electrified sticks can also be used as defensive weapons in a fight, and seem quite resistant to most of the elements.


An entirely new technology are the fighting suits/robots developed by Hiroshi Sato, which he calls "mecha tanks". Unseen even in our time, these mechas can move forward (on wheels), turn on their axis, move their arms fastly and accurately and shoot metal cables with claws at the end out of their hands. They are made out of purified platinum, which has been purged of all impurities so even the metalbenders can't bend it. They are controlled by a driver who takes place inside the mecha and looks through a metal grid with glass. They are highly resistant to most of the elements, although they can be stabbed with metal.

Metalbending gear

The primary law enforcement technique of the Metalbending Police Force, developed by Chief Beifong, is the use of metal cables as part of the police uniform. Spools of metal cables are carried on their backs, and metalbending is used to control them. Bending these cables allows officers to use them as grappling hooks for swinging about the city, as well as for tying up criminals, or generally extending their reach.


Wired microphones can be seen during pro-bending matches and press conferences. They are used both to amplify the sound for bigger audience and for direct radio broadcasts. There are different models, some distinctly old-fashioned and some looking more modern.


Aside from cars, this era also knows motorcycles and mopeds, presumably likewise invented by Hiroshi Sato's Future Industries. They look quite modern and can reach high speeds, easily fast enough to keep up with a car. They are one of the favourite means of transportation of Amon's chi-blocking troops.

Movie projector

Paper money

In the era of Avatar Aang, all the nations appeared to use coin money (gold, silver, copper). Republic City still uses coins, but they also use paper money.

The official currency of the United Republic is the Yuan. The bill is purple/pink, and has a picture of Avatar Aang on the front and an image of the City Hall on the back.


Phonographs or record players were the first devices to record and reproduce sound. They are sold in specialized shops in Republic City. It is likely that they are being used in rich households, as well as for music in radio broadcasts.

Photographic camera

Whereas 70 years ago people relied on paintings and sculptures to preserve images, the invention of the camera made it possible to register pictures fastly and accurately. Although the models seen in Legend of Korra are quite bulky with a 'soup plate' flashbulb on top, they are portable and relatively easy to use, as seen on press conferences.


Along with the newspapers, the radio is the main source of news in Republic City. The wired boxes are widespread and can be found in both rich and more modest households. Aside from news bulletins, they also air music and advertisements.

Running water

Another innovation since the original series is running water. Houses in Republic City have bathrooms with flush toilets and sinks (even on the second floor), which means the city must have developed both pressurized water distribution and sewage networks. In the streets, one can also see fire hydrants, which provide an immediate water supply to firefighters.


Prior to Satomobiles, engines relied on steam and mainly powered mechanized drills and tanks, but they were inefficient and unsuitable for small-scale use. Hiroshi Sato and his company Future Industries were the first to popularize a gasoline-powered engine capable of transporting a driver and several passengers in a carriage over long distances, and in a way that was affordable to the average customer.

Satomobiles quickly became a must-have vehicle. In response to the rapidly rising demand, Cabbage Corp created their own version, the Cabbage Car, a compact car at even lower cost.

Race car
Whereas the Satomobile is for the common man, Hiroshi Sato's race cars are for the thrill-seekers. The sleek design and high powered engine enable this car to reach top speeds while smoothly maneuvering its way around a racetrack.

Taxi cab
Unfortunately not everyone in Republic City can afford their own Satomobile, so Hiroshi designed this taxi cab as ways for just about anybody to get around. Aside from being a practical means of transportation, they are also good for romantic rides in Republic City Park.





While trains in A:TLA were propelled by earthbending, Republic City has bigger and more modern trains driven by engines. They start and stop in Central Station in the middle of the town. Although their use has declined in recent years due to the invention of the Satomobile, they are still important for long distance transport of both passengers and goods.


While trains are use for longer distances, Republic City also has a network of electric trams to transport its inhabitants within the city. Their tracks and overhanging electric wires can be seen in many of the main roads. They are presumably the cheapest form of motorized transportation, less expensive even than a taxi cab.

War Ship

(United Republic, Northern Water Tribe)



Something as mundane as a zipper counts as technology in the World of Korra because it's something that must have been developed in the 70 years that passed since the end of the war. So far they've been seen used on gym bags, but it's likely that they're used in clothing as well.
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