Transcript for 012 - SDCC 2013 Book 2 Trailer
SDCC 2013 "The Legend of Korra" Panel
Panelists: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Joaquim Dos Santos, Janet Varney, David Faustino, and PJ Byrne. Panelists introduced by Megan Casey. Moderated by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

Transcriber: Icy_Ashford
The transcript was done using the recording provided by TheYumchucks on YouTube.

Transcriber's notes:
I've left out the 'ums', 'uhs', and odd moments of minor verbal stumbling for the sake of clarity. Occasionally, there are moments when a speaker is inaudible either due to moving away from their microphone, the crowd's cheers, a combination of both or that the speaker is mumbling/talking too fast to be heard. Those moments will be indicated with [inaudible].

(Video opens up to the audience cheering and a woman waving to the audience while stepping up to the podium)

Megan Casey: Hi everybody, thank you so much for coming to our Legend of Korra panel today at San Diego Comic Con.

(Audience cheers)

Megan Casey: I see a lot of people in costume and in the front row which means you probably waited for about three days so thank you.

(Audience cheers and claps again)

Megan Casey: It's an amazing year, we've been waiting a long time to get to show you a lot of goodies. We're super excited- Did I introduce myself? Can't remember. Megan Casey, VP and current series [inaudible] of Nickelodeon.

(Audience claps)

Megan Casey: So again, we have a lot of stuff. You guys have been incredibly patient, not just to get into this room, but to wait for Book 2 of Korra and we thank you so much. Our team has been working non-stop. Really, they're pouring their heart and soul into this show as they always do and I think you can agree, it shows up on screen. So I'm going to introduce our panelists and of course, first off, we have our amazing creator, executive producer, Bryan Konietzko.

(Maggie and the audience applauds. Bryan runs up from behind Maggie and waves to the audience as he takes a seat at the panelist table.)

Megan Casey: And of course, the peanut butter to his chocolate, Michael Dante DiMartino.

(Audience cheers and claps while Mike waves to the audience and sits next to Bryan.)

Megan Casey: Also, we're really excited to have with us our co-executive producer, Dr. Fight, Joaquim Dos Santos.

(Audience applauds and cheers. Joaquim walks in and sits next to Mike.)

Megan Casey: And the beautiful and so stunningly talented, Janet Varney, our voice of Korra.

(Audience goes wild. Janet runs in and waves at the audience before taking a seat next to Joaquim.)

Megan Casey: Also please welcome- also beautiful, the heartbreaker as Mako, David Faustino.

(Audience cheers and applauds. David, like the previous panelists before him, walk in and wave to the audience. He sits beside Janet.)

Megan Casey: And last but not least of course, the heart and soul, the sweet, the charming, the comedic. Please welcome PJ Byrne as Bolin.

(Audience whoop again and PJ enters with a stuffed Pabu plush held high in his hand. He appears to introduce Pabu to the audience and the audience cheers.)

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible]

Megan Casey: So we got all three of our [inaudible] team and again, thank you so much for waiting. We know you guys- it's a rough ride to get into this room and again, we're gonna try to make it as awesome as possible for you.

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah.

Audience: Yeah!

Megan Casey: So, thank you.

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] Thank you so much for waiting, we're just gonna dive into it 'cos we have a ton of content for you guys so [inaudible as the audience cheers]. Just wanna thank Jeremy Zuckerman, the amazing composer who did the music for Korra.

(Audience and panelists cheers and claps)

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] soundtrack, that finally got released and came out [inaudible as audience cheers and he talks too quickly] worked on it since Avatar and I cut that beautiful trailer. I think it's at its finest so, thanks for that.

(Audience cheers and claps. Janet and David take out their smartphones to take videos of the audience.)

Bryan Konietzko: Alright. So, Mike?

Michael Dante DiMartino: Alright. Ah yes, there we go. So we're moving into Book 2 so... changes and additions to our staff. You know, Book 1, Bryan and I wrote the whole thing 'cos we had some time to write it. Book 2 is a little different 'cos we were still working on Book 1 and starting production of Book 2 so we brought back Josh Hamilton and Tim Hedrick who were both writers on the original series.

(Audience cheers and everyone claps)

Bryan Konietzko: They're very funny guys.

Michael Dante DiMartino: Very funny. You know, Josh wrote the classics like "The Cave of Two Lovers".

(The audience goes wild and the creators smile)

Michael Dante DiMartino: Tim wrote the ones like "The Swamp" [inaudible as he talks quickly] having a blast bringing him back and adding a lot to the team.

Bryan Konietzko: Yup. And I still had a lot to do with the script but it's kind of like [inaudible] like what we were doing on Avatar, full time art directing and doing co-executive producing stuff. We still have Joaquim Dos Santos. (Audience whoops) Our brilliant co-exec. (Audience cheers) And as you can see on the slide again, we've got Lauren Montgomery (Audience cheers again) who helped out towards the end of Book 1. She's now the supervising producer. She's an amazing director, she was originally on Joaquim's storyboard team when he was a director on Avatar but now she's back, helping to supervise. And as always, Ki-Hyun Ryu (Audience cheers loudly), also supervising producer. (Audience cheers again) Ryu is somewhere in the audience, stand up.

(Off screen, Ryu stands up and the audience and panelists applauds.)

Bryan Konietzko: So yeah, we just basically added Lauren to the team and it's still too much work to do.

Joaquim Dos Santos: Oh- (pauses as he looks at the slides off stage which have not changed)

(Bryan looks off stage and brings his powerpoint controller up to toggle the slides)

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] the slides, (The slides changes to the next one) oh here we go.

Joaquim Dos Santos: Great, so Ryu and I, for this season, we're taking a step back from directing and in our stead, we got two amazing, amazing guys; Ian Graham, who goes way back to the original series. Did storyboards.

Bryan Konietzko: I worked with him on Invader Zim.

(Audience cheers and claps)

Joaquim Dos Santos: He's through and through, Avatar material and Nickelodeon material, I guess. We got Colin Heck (Audience whoops) who is just an amazing, amazing artist. Who've also- who guys have

Michael Dante DiMartino: We've worked with him years ago on Mission Hill.

Bryan Konietzko: When he was a little pup. Yeah, his wife was [inaudible] a brilliant web comic artist, they're about to have a baby like-

Joaquim Dos Santos: That might be happening right now. (Janet jokingly looks at her imaginary watch)

Michael Dante DiMartino: That lady right there. (Points to the audience somewhere in the front row)

Bryan Konietzko: (points as well) That lady.

Michael Dante DiMartino: So...

Joaquim Dos Santos: So we couldn't be more stoked to have two more awesome guys on the team. [inaudible]

Bryan Konietzko: And that leads us to...

PJ Byrne: (gasps) What?

(Bryan brings his controller up to toggle the next slide which is all blue with what appears to be a calendar dial from ATLA's "The Library".)

Bryan Konietzko: Colin, one of our directors, directed this (slide changes to an image of Korra facing a Dark Spirit) Oh no, we- don't. Please don't go [inaudible as he speaks quickly] You don't need to see what it is, you can see us. (presses a button on his controller again) Book Two: Chapter One. (Bryan presses the button once more) Premiere.

(The audience goes crazy.)

Bryan Konietzko: For all the people online that are like bitter, and jealous, and angry with you guys for getting to see this. You know 'cos, ìWeíve waited, give us a release date.î Weíre like yeah but did you guys wait outside all night in San Diego?

(Audience cheers, unfortunately.)

Michael Dante DiMartino: Alright, we're just like, finally- you know. I know you guys have been patiently waiting, not just today but for many months and we've been, believe me, we've been wanting to show you guys as much as you've been wanting to see it. So, we're super psyched to be able to show you the whole premiere episode of Book 2.

Bryan Konietzko: Roll the tape.

(The audience cheers and the panelists claps. Bryan leans back to take a sip of water. Camera blacks out for a few seconds as the episode was shown exclusively at the convention and panel goers were not allowed to record the episode.

Scene returns to the panelists and the audience clapping with music of the end credits in the background. The audience keep squeeing and cheering throughout the credits and when the credits finally end with the Nickelodeon logo being played on screen.)

Michael Dante DiMartino: [inaudible] an awesome [inaudible as the audience keeps applauding]

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah.

Michael Dante DiMartino: It's like watching it for the first time.

Bryan Konietzko: Let's do this every week.

(Audience cheers)

Michael Dante DiMartino: So yeah, you just saw their (gestures to the voice actors) great work from our voice acting team here. And let's chat with them for a few minutes and get them involved, I know you guys- it's been a long journey, we had a long morning, a lot of interviews, it was fun. Just a couple of questions thrown at ya. See what sticks. (David laughs)

David Faustino: Oh boy.

Michael Dante DiMartino: I- On my Facebook page, I asked some people to throw us some questions 'cos I have no idea what to ask you guys so I picked a few that I thought were really interesting and one of them was- you know- What was your inspiration to become a voice actor or just an actor and what was your first job? As an actor.

David Faustino: Who's going-?

Michael Dante DiMartino: Anyone.

David Faustino: Well since I probably had- since I was three months old, when I had my first [inaudible]

Michael Dante DiMartino: Wow.

David Faustino: Literally. I played Lily Tomlin's daughter.

(Everyone laughs)

Michael Dante DiMartino: I did not know that.

Janet Varney: In what?

David Faustino: The Lily Tomlin's special. Yeah, it was my first job. But voice acting- my Dad always told me when I was a kid he's like 'You should get into voice work. Get into voice work, it's a great gig.' You know when finally I listened to him and- You know, I was a big fan of like Scooby Doo and all the cartoons when I was a kid and it always was something that I wanted to do and finally was able to break in and- But this is my first- like, you know, big major cartoon video gig.

Michael Dante DiMartino: Right on.

Joaquim Dos Santos: Yeah.

Michael Dante DiMartino: How about you Janet?

Janet Varney: Yeah, I done some little stuff like even in just in San Francisco, my-I had a friend who started this thing called Blue Mountain Greetings which was like, the first kind of ecards. And she's a wounderful artist and animator in Marvel Superheroes and I've known her since fifth grade and so she started doing these animated greeting cards and she asked me if I would do some voices so I remember like, when she asked me to do those like- Whaaat? (Puts on a high pitched cartoony voice) It's super fun so would it be like a cartoon? I'm sorry, I don't think I got [inaudible] for it but I did another pilot for Nickelodeon and then I got this so this is definitely, my, you know, my biggest- I mean I've really hit the jackpot. Like, for real it blows me away, still.

(The panelists chuckle)

Janet Varney: PJ?

PJ Byrne: Hi, thanks for coming. Great stuff [inaudible as audience chuckles] This is actually my first voiceover job and I [inaudible as audience claps] Yes, hello! [inaudible]

Janet Varney: Give him a [inaudible]

PJ Byrne: [inaudible] a nice time. I've never actually loved my voice growing up. When I was a teenager, I would play sports with one of my friends and these big guys wouldalways mature faster and had deeper voices so, as a kid, I would actually change my voice to sound deeper and cooler but the irony with what I'm doing now is playing this like- sixteen, seventeen year old child with my voice which was like incredibly powerful so I thank you for letting me lend my voice [inaudible]

Janet Varney: Yeah!

PJ Byrne: [inaudible] I like you guys. I love you guys [inaudible as audience claps] Really really [inaudible]

Michael Dante DiMartino: [inaudible] what about your character do you feel like, is either you know, part of who you are or that you relate to about your character the most? I know (gestures to Janet) you were talking about this earlier today.

Janet Varney: Umm...

Michael Dante DiMartino: It was a good answer, Janet. You should.

Janet Varney: Yeah. I was- I definitely relate to- like I wish that I had a lot of Korra's strength, I wish that- I mean, listen, you don't see her cry as often as you see me cry as I'm sitting here watching this episode, crying on this panel. 'Cos it's so good, it's just so good and that was the first time we all saw-

PJ Byrne: Yeah. (PJ and David nod their heads)

Janet Varney: We had not seen that- I've seen bits and pieces of it but we've not seen that in full.

PJ Byrne: I thought you were great. I think you're really good.

Janet Varney: Oh thanks, I enjoy your work also.

PJ Byrne: Oh thanks so much.

(Audience awws and PJ fist pumps)

Janet Varney: But yeah, I really [inaudible] her stubborness and the fact that she's sort of- she does you know, I think she has her heart in the right place but getting impatient and kind of [inaudible] really not necessarily knowing that you need someone else to kind of guide you around or tell you what's best for you. You would sometimes be thinking 'I know what's best for me' and then somebody that you respect and esteemed in your life like some of the characters on the show. You know, educating you and kind of pointing out stuff that maybe you don't want to look at but it's- you should and make changes accordingly. I know, that's kind of a deep answer but it's true. (looks at Pabu plush) Right? (makes Pabu nod) Right. (everyone laughs)

Bryan Konietzko: I'm gonna answer for PJ and just say he is Bolin with a higher IQ.

PJ Byrne: Aww... (the panelists laugh) Thank you.

Janet Varney: Yeah.

Bryan Konietzko: Less earthbending.

David Faustino: I've actually seen PJ bend earth before. (audience laughs) For me, I think I relate to Mako 'cos I too, am confused by the ladies. (He looks at Janet jokingly and everyone laughs) I don't understand what they mean all the time. And a little shy so I [inaudible]

(Everyone laughs)

Bryan Konietzko: Sorry I answered for you, PJ.

PJ Byrne: No, you guys are [inaudible] it, that's exactly what I would say.

Michael Dante DiMartino: It is interesting is that I feel like a lot of the times you know, when we're listening to voices for casting and stuff and it's like, you know we hear a voice and go 'Oh, you know I think that would fit the character' and we meet the actor and actress and we're like 'Wow, they're kind of that character!' I guess they just comes through the voice- (interrupted by PJ)

PJ Byrne: [inaudible]

Bryan Konietzko: That's why I'm still scared of Grey DeLisle.

(Panelists laugh and audience whoops)

Janet Varney: (jokingly) Who is she?

Bryan Konietzko: I'm just like- she might have been capable of just monumental evil, I have no idea.

(Everyone chuckles)

Michael Dante DiMartino: I think we might have time for one more.

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah.

Michael Dante DiMartino: So... what do you guys do- this could be on Korra or any of your other jobs, like when you're not feeling it, when you get to the- you know, you get to a booth or you get on screen and it's just like, 'Man, today I'm just not having a good day here.' Is there anything you do- like to shake it off or get in the right mindset or any tricks?

David Faustino: I'm always feeling in the right mindset.

(Panelists laugh)

Michael Dante DiMartino: Wow, that's great.

David Faustino: Coffee.

(Audience chuckles)

Janet Varney: This is gonna sound probably really cheesy but nothing works better than like, taking a step back and going, 'How lucky am I to be doing this?' (She looks towards the co-creators) Like I mean, any part of what I get to do for a living is such a gift and it didn't have to go this way or I don't think like, (puts on a deep voice) 'I'm so amazing, this is why it's [inaudible]' (Janet shakes her head)I just don't think that's how it works and so if I'm not feeling it, if I just kind of take a mental step back, and be the leaf (audience cheer a bit) and go, 'Wait a minute, like, I get to do this. Someone wants me to do this! Like, I don't even have to ask to do this, someone's asking me to do- Then I- it's really hard not to draw back in and you know, be in the moment and go, [inaudible] and lean on. You know, the people (gestures to David and PJ) that I'm lucky enough to work with too. It's like, if you're not feeling it, then you go over and you've got these two mugs staring at ya if you just pay attention for a second.

PJ Byrne: Yeah.

Janet Varney: It's really hard not to, you know, not to enjoy being there.

PJ Byrne: It's all- yeah. It's also like getting into the zone, right? And some days it's there like you play basketball, you can shoot the basket and other days it's like, you can't get it in and it's the same thing in acting. And the great thing about Bryan, Mike, and these guys and our great director Andrea [Romano].

David Faustino: Yeah.

Janet Varney: Give it up for Andrea, everybody.

(Everyone in the room applauds)

PJ Byrne: [inaudible] They give you the confidence to fail so you don't have to worry about screwing up, or- you know and sometimes there were great lines and they would give you a way to say the line but they're just so confident and supportive that you can screw up and make mistakes and I think, having that in your brain gets you back in taking chances and saying your line in a different way and I mean- click something in your brain and you're making MAGIC. [inaudible]

David Faustino: To be honest with you like, I mean, this is just the bottom line like you know, it would- any gig, be it on camera or voiceover but here on this gig, like, the writing- these guys (gestures to Mike, Bryan and Joaquim) do such a great job with the scripts that like, it makes our job so easy.

Janet Varney: Oh yeah.

David Faustino: Yeah. It's like a cake, it's a piece of cake because the writing's all there so...

Janet Varney: Yeah.

Michael Dante DiMartino: Awesome.

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] great job. Great job guys, thank you.

(Audience whoops)

Michael Dante DiMartino: You may have heard it already, we're forget to announce another actor who joined the Avatar universe is Steven Yeun.

Bryan Konietzko: Yep [inaudible]

(Audience cheers and whoops)

Bryan Konietzko: Can we go through some of these slides first?

Michael Dante DiMartino: Yes, and so we're gonna show you a little sneak peek of some of the Avatar Wan stuff.

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] the remote works. There we go.

(The screen has the word "Avatar Beginnings" on the slideshow. The audience cheers.)

Bryan Konietzko: Yes, so there was like an origin story to the whole Avatar- to the Avatar that Mike and I have kicked around since- man, I- probably Season 2 of Avatar. Avatar, Avatar, Avatar. (Audience chuckles) And it was something that we thought would be cool to do, you know, if we thought a different way as we might be able to get to this story and- One day Mike just came into my office, he and the writers in the [inaudible] and said 'Man, we think we found a way to weave this in but it's completely organic to the story we're telling in.' And so we all got really excited. One of the things we decided to do since this was a flashback to 10,000 years earlier, was we wanted to show it kind of our art directed in a way that showed like, a history to this Asian influenced world. And my remote is not-

(The slide finally changes to a concept background art)

Bryan Konietzko: So, we changed up the art style and did these backgrounds and environments that are inspired by you know, just ancient inkwash paintings and wood block prints and changed up the whole kind of color palette and did much more of a stylized take on naturaliam- And it was- as an art director, this was really fun. Josh Middleton helped out on some of the art direction for this stuff. (Audience whoops) And Studio Mir did a great job designing these stuff and our painters, Frederic Stewart and Emily Tetri, did these beautiful paintings and you know, it's kind of like with Jeremy Zuckerman. We just throw these challenges like, 'Okay, scratch everything that you've, you know, learned up to this point, we're now doing ancient inkwash paintings. (Audience chuckles) And they came out so great and for me, as an art director, it's really different because I'm so used to lighting. Everything I do is based on, kind of cinematic lighting and that kind of painting like oil painting and this was much more of a, kind of stylized world but I think these came out beautiful. Studio Mir animated these two episodes. (He accidentally presses a button on the remote showing character design concepts) I can stop there for doing that. And man, they just knocked them out of the park. Mike and I were just grinning ear to ear for days when we got these back. All those late nights we've put in, they finally paid off and we're really really proud of the results. So, the character design style is very similar but their color palette's different and as I've mentioned, much less lighting but it was just, really fun to delve into this kind of mythic history. So, in a way it ties in is kind of about spirits and about the balance between the physical world and the spirit world. So here you see a person who has been altered by spirits and we just had- it was so much fun designing all of these amazing spirits. These are the- kind of like creature type spirits that you've seen in the past on Avatar. And we also have the kind of like, light spirits you know- that are a little more like ghostly and Evon Freeman and Christie Tseng and designers at Studio Mir just did an awesome job on these stuff. A little tribute to Miyazaki's little poof balls there.

(Audience cheers and applauds)

Bryan Konietzko: I mean, I don't have to do this but it's kind of a tribute to me so... But the character Mike mentioned is Wan and he is the original Avatar from 10,000 years before Korra's time. And when we meet him, he's this little lovable scamp and he meets his trusty steed, this is Mula. (audience awws) And- a cat-deer. And we follow Wan through his life and through his journey and his hairstyle changes. (audience laughs) And I've fallen in love with this character, I've really really enjoyed all this stuff. Sorry Mike, haven't been talking to you, gonna jump in you.

Michael Dante DiMartino: No.

Bryan Konietzko: We're almost done. (Bryan struggles with the remote) We can do it.

Michael Dante DiMartino: I thought maybe Joaquim can talk about in addition to the kind of like, different art direction style, you know, the different directing style. Kind of-

Joaquim dos Santos: Yeah, you know we're always trying to push the envelope with staging and stuff but it was really a big challenge because in a way, we have to pull back on all this stuff that we do, to try to make the shots dynamic so we really have to focus a lot on our compositions and again, like Bryan was saying, these are- the staging of all of this is almost based on these old wood block prints. So, it was a challenge, it was almost like, we really have to just focus on complete composition and not really worry about 'Oh you know he's gonna start really close to camera and then, get away from camera really fast in a dynamic way.' That- no that's definitely applied. So it was a huge challenge and I will say just working on the show, I was- when these guys pitched it to me, I was geeking out just as much as any [inaudible as Bryan chuckles] I was freaking out like, origin story, Avatar cycle forget about it.

Bryan Konietzko: Awesome so we can't wait for you guys to see that. We're gonna show you guys a little fanart contest, we're gonna show you our favorites that Joaquim, Mike, and I have picked out. (Slide shows a fanart of Eska and Desna) The artists names are there. Most of them are tumblr addresses so-

Michael Dante DiMartino: I'm always amazed by characters that you know, haven't even come out yet. [inaudible] fanart. Oh, and costumes of them.

(Audience cheers)

Bryan Konietzko: (fiddles with the remote) Go back one. I think we hit- (Slide changes to an art piece of Korra meeting a sky bison and an Air Nomad. The audience awws.) Okay, this is a lovely one, love the sense of light.

Michael Dante DiMartino: Beautiful, there.

Janet Varney: So good.

(A fanart of Naga is currently displayed)

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] A little tip, if you're enterting a Korra fanart contest, you draw Naga, you're probably gonna win.

(Everyone laughs)

Bryan Konietzko: This is a really cute one. Sorry. (Bryan fiddles with the remote for a while and fanart changes to one of Korra on Naga's back at night.) Man, this thing is dying on me. (He accidentally presses a button on the remote and it jumps to the next fanart featuring Lin in black and white.) Oh, it happened again. (Audience ooos) [inaudible] (Slide changes back to the previous drawing of Korra and Naga) Another Naga. See what- Draw a Naga, you'll get in. A really cool piece. (Slide moves on to the art of Lin) This one was awesome, we really dug it. (Slide transitions to the next art piece of a bunch of characters) This is-

(Audience laughs, Janet claps)

Michael Dante DiMartino: I love this one. Love the little spirit hand puppet.

Bryan Konietzko: And you put the creators in, you'll get [inaudible]

(Slide changes to a fanart that is too dark to make out who or what it is. The audience are impressed.)

Bryan Konietzko: This one is just killer.

Joaquim dos Santos: Oh my god.

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah.

Janet Varney: Ooo.

(Art switches to one with most of the Korra characters drawn in chibi style.)

Bryan Konietzko: Very cool, this one is like super [inaudible] It looks like some other like, 'Oh is that on TV? Can we watch it?' (Audience laughs) So fully realized. Pretty professional.

(Fanart now displays one featuring Tahno with a couple of wolf-bat creature. There is a little chibi drawing at the side of Mike saying "Mike's favorite".)

Bryan Konietzko: We picked some personal favorites. Mike picked this one.

Michael Dante DiMartino: Yeah well, (slide changes to one of young Mako protecting his little brother Bolin. The note at the side says it's Joaquim's favorite) I know everyone likes Tahno (audience whoops) so I thought-

Bryan Konietzko: Go back. (slide returns back to the Tahno fanart)

Michael Dante DiMartino: You know, throw in a little Tahno for you guys so- it's just the fact that he's hanging out with wolf-bats, I thought- It looks pretty cool.

Bryan Konietzko: Maybe he has them back in his flat. Sorry, next one. (Fanart goes to the one with young Mako and Bolin)

Joaquim dos Santos: Right, so I love the story of Mako and Bolin. And the idea of Mako protecting him but this specific ring of fire he's created [inaudible] It looks beautiful. And little baby Bolin holding onto his leg so tightly.

(Audience awws)

Bryan Konietzko: It's a nice piece though, I just- it looks like a K-pop video to me. (Audience laughs) They could just start breakdancing.

Joaquim dos Santos: Yeah. That's okay too.

Bryan Konietzko: And last one, but not the least. (Fanart showcases Korra meeting a sky bison and its rider in the Spirit World) This is my favorite. I started- had cool like otherwordly like Spirit World vibe. And there's these like glowing boogers coming out of- (audience laughs) I wanna know what spirit powers Oogi has so, it's cool. Awesome. Alright and then... Let's see if I can get this to work again.

(He presses a button on the remote and slide changes to information of a signing that will happen after the panel.)

Bryan Konietzko: So, right after here, we're gonna go do a signing. I'm sure you wanna be in line for this, chances are, you did not get a ticket for the signing. It is a ticketed one but hopefully we'll see you over there, we love to meet you guys. We'll be signing these, the vertical poster there, Ryu drew it and Fred and I and Sylvia colored it. It's awesome, it's free, you should get it at the Nick booth this weekend. And then, the horizontal piece is this beautiful thing that Lauren Montogomery- Is Lauren here? Where's Lauren? Stand up, Lauren. (Audience whoops and applauds, Lauren probably stood up off screen) She's very shy. Anyway, Lauren Montogomery drew this beautiful, whimsical thing of Korra and these light spirits in the Spirit World and Frederic Stewart painted it, and Sylvia and I helped colored it. That is a limited art print for sale at the booth. So, hopefully we'll get to see you guys today at the signing.

(Bryan changes a slide to one with information about a Dark Horse signing taking place the next day.)

Bryan Konietzko: If not, we're doing a Dark Horse signing with Joaquim and Ryu and the artists Gurihiru.

Michael Dante DiMartino: And Gene Yang, writer of the comics.

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah. So we hope you guys can make it over there. And awesome news is that, the first Legend of Korra artbook that Joaquim, Mike, and I wrote is- that Dark Horse is putting out- they moved it up so it is available at Comic Con now. (Audience cheers) So if you didn't know that and you wanna get this book, you can get it at I think- definitely the Dark Horse booth. Maybe Nick's, I'm not sure. So, we can sign these for you tomorrow. I think that one is ticketed as well. But come by (he changes a slide to one giving information about a soundtrack signing taking place after the Dark Horse one) 'cos usually... the tickets.

Joaquim dos Santos: Say hi.

Bryan Konietzko: Yes, come by. And then, we're so proud. Seriously, we're not trying to push stuff for you to buy, we don't care about that. We're just so proud that Jeremy's incredible music is finally being released to the fans.

(Everyone applauds)

Bryan Konietzko: [inaudible] some knuckleheads that prevented this for years getting this music out and was just- didn't think anyone would want it and stuff and-

David Faustino: Knuckleheads in the busi-

(Joaquim turns towards David and nods)

Bryan Konietzko: This thing- yeah, yeah. This thing climbed up- It just came out on Tuesday and it was like, the number one soundtrack on Amazon. (Audience cheers loudly) It was like [inaudible as his voice is drowned out by applause] It was like, number five in pop music and this is like Dixie [inaudible] stuff with Chinese instruments, it's awesome. So, Ben Wynn, the soundtrack designer from The Track Team, Jeremy Zuckerman the composer of the score and Mike and I are going to be there signing.

Michael Dante DiMartino: Yeah.

(Someone shouts 'whoo-hoo!' in the audience.)

Bryan Konietzko: And so, please come. That one is not ticketed, as far as I know. (Slide changes to one of Korra with the words "See you in September! Thanks!") And so, thank you so much.

(Audience claps and cheers.)

Janet Varney: Thank you, guys.

Bryan Konietzko: So guys, September. [inaudible] We honestly don't have a specific date. We would tell you if we wouldn't get fired for saying it. No honestly, we don't know when it is but we know it's going to be in September so-

Joaquim dos Santos: Thanks again.

Bryan Konietzko: We'll see you guys [inaudible]

Megan Casey: Thank you.

(Bryan raises his remote once more to toggle the powerpoint. The voice actors stand up to leave but Maggie begins to speak so they sit down.)

Megan Casey: You know, we're gonna try to give you guys one more look at our opening- Book 2 little short sizzle reel. So, hang on for one quick second. I just want to tell you a couple more things, I'm sure that most of you are aware of the Korra iBook that is available for free on iTunes. It's a fantastic way for you guys to access content from Book 1, and we're also going to be updating it along the way for Book 2. Additionally, the Korra Nation tumblr site is going to be launching a Korra Nation scavenger hunt here at San Diego. Tonight.

(Audience whoops)

Megan Casey: So please go to-

Bryan Konietzko: You'll win prizes.

Megan Casey: Yes, including- They're gonna have like ten of the artbooks that are autographed so if you go to and sign up for a tumblr account, they'll be giving you guys clues. I think the game will be starting around 5 o'clock tonight, it's going to be really fun. And again, let's- thank you to our panel, you're amazing.

(Everyone cheers and applauds again)

Michael Dante DiMartino: Thanks [inaudible]

PJ Byrne: Can I say one thing? I think I speak for all of us and I just spoke with Pabu (brings up his Pabu plushie) that Korra fans are the greatest fans in the world.

Janet Varney: Oh, easily!

(More cheering and clapping are heard.)

PJ Byrne: You're da bomb. [inaudible]

Bryan Konietzko: I... [inaudible] being interested on what we work on, we really appreciate it.

Janet Varney: And the amazing costumes that we just love so, you guys just look so awesome.

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah.

(The panelists and Maggie talk but the audio is inaudible due to the loud clapping)

Michael Dante DiMartino: We're gonna watch the trailer one more time.

Megan Casey: Let's watch it one more time.

Bryan Konietzko: Thanks, guys!

[Recording stops and the panel ends there]

Transcriber's note: Again, a huge thanks to TheYumchucks for recording the panel.

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