Transcript for 015 - Republic City Hustle - Part 2
Republic City Hustle Part 2
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Designed By: Evon Freeman
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

(We see the same title scene of the two brothers as shown in part 1 but now the title card says "Republic City Hustle Part 2". Like before, the music "On the Lam" is playing.

Episode opens up to a wall of posters featuring Toza and camera pans to the right to show less than a handful of citizens mingling about. Camera continues to move to the right to show the road with some cars and buildings in the background. Both Mako and Bolin can be seen standing outside a pet shop with a purple fire ferret sign.)

Bolin: (cups his hands on his mouth and calls in through the window of the pet store) Mr Fang! Hey, (camera zooms in on the brothers) you wanna bet on the fight tonight?

(The sound of something metallic clattering to the floor is heard and the brothers are alarmed by the noise.)

Mr Fang: (his voice is muffled as he is in the shop) Get back here, you little rat weasel!

(There's a squeaking sound and camera rapidly pans to the door which is slightly ajar. A small red fire ferret leave the store and immediately climbs up Bolin's leg, squeaking adorably all the way as it settles down on Bolin's head, much to his delight.)

Mr Fang: (sigh in relief as he leaves the store) Oh, thanks for grabbing him, (he grabs the fire ferret by the tail and the creature squeals sadly) Bolin. He's been trying to escape ever since he figured out I'm going to feed him to the new pythonaconda I just got in.
Bolin: (both he and Mako have shocked expressions) What? (Cut to the fire ferret as it does its best puppy dog impression with the pout and tears in its shining eyes) You're going to turn him into a snake snack? Wait, I'll buy him! (Mako raises an eyebrow) How much?
Mr Fang: Five yuans. (He moves his hand upwards slightly and the fire ferret squeaks with delight. Bolin looks to his brother hopefully and the camera pans to the firebender)
Mako: (firmly) No. The last thing we need is one more mouth to feed.
Bolin: (fawns over the fire ferret in a baby-talk voice) But it's such a tiny mouth! Pleeeaaase? We can't just leave him for snake food! (the fire ferret nods and places its paws together in a pleading gesture)
Mako: Bolin, you have to toughen up! (his little brother is disheartened) Big animals eat the little animals, that's just how it goes. (there's a small pause as Mako gets back to business) How much do you want to put on the match tonight, (extends his hand out) Mr Fang?

(Cut to Mako's hand as Mr Fang places two yuan notes on his palm. Cut to Bolin scratching the fire ferret's chin but his delight turns rapidly into disappointment as the fire ferret is brought back into the pet store.)

Female Fan: (overheard softly across the street by Bolin which catches his attention) Oh, can you autograph it for my little sister? (Cut to the other side of the street to reveal Toza signing autographs for a small group of fans)
Bolin: (excited) Hey! (He waves his hand and runs across the street. Mako and Mr Fang look at the young earthbender dash towards the probender) Toza!

(Cut to Toza who was smiling for the fans but it turns into a frown upon spotting Bolin. The fans disperse and Bolin runs up to stand in front of his idol who has his arms akimbo in a defensive manner.)

Toza: (suspicious) Oh... (Bolin stops smiling) you're the kid (points at Bolin) that works with the Triple Threats. What, does Shady Shin want me to belly flop into the pool? (Cut to Bolin who looks a little embarrassed) So I'm extra humiliated tonight?
Bolin: (rubs the back of his head) I just wanted to say, you don't have to throw the fight. I mean, (Cut back to Toza who appears to soften his harsh look) you're the best!
Toza: (moves his shoulders in resignation) I was the best. Now my body and my bank account are exactly the same; broke. (Bolin looks at him a little sad and we return back to Toza who brings his guard up again) I made my decision, (waves his arm aside fiercely) leave me alone!

(Camera angle changes to full shot of the wall as Toza picks up his duffel bag and walks off. Bolin tails him for a few footsteps but stops. Cut to a front shot of Toza as Bolin continues to look on. As the old man walks out of the screen, Mako can be seen watching his little brother. Camera zooms in rapidly on the brothers.)

Mako: (chiding) What are you doing? (moves his arms out in a questioning gesture) Are you trying to get us into trouble with Shady Shin? (Bolin looks a little defeated as he receives a lecture from his older brother.)
Bolin: No, I just- (He pauses and looks around uncertainly before gaining some confidence to stand his ground.) Maybe I'm not as mean as you! (Mako is taken aback but his brother's sudden change in behavior) Maybe I just can't turn my back on people when they're down!

(The young earthbender walks off screen and Mako looks up briefly before looking down to sigh.

Scene fades to night on the same street and camera zooms in slightly on the pet store's signboard. Cut to the inside of the shop looking at the window as we see Bolin's silhouette skulking outside. Camera pans to the door as Bolin stops in front of it. Cut to the bottom of the door as it is swung open by three small protrusions from the ground which has been produced by Bolin's earthbending. Some of door's paint is chipped off. Scene zooms out to show the store again as Bolin rapidly ducks behind a pile of boxes in the shop and the earth in front of the door is smooth again. He looks around the store for a bit and when the coast is clear, he disappears from behind the boxes and pops up close to the screen where he scrutinizes some cages. Bolin smiles as he appears to have found the right cage.

Cut to the inside of the cage to reveal the fire ferret all curled up near the cage's door.)

Bolin: whispers Little Fire Ferret... (The creature perks up at the sound of the voice and looks out of the cage. Cut to a sideview of Bolin who is standing in front of the cage and he opens the door. View returns to the inside of the cage as Bolin raises his palm upwards towards the fire ferret.) Hellooo... (The small animal eagerly gets onto his palm) I got ya, (Cut to the outside of the cage with a close up on the trembling ferret. It perks up again at the sound of Bolin's reassuring voice.) buddy. (The ferret squeaks and climbs up onto Bolin's arm onto his shoulder to lick his savior's face.) Oh, looks like that snake (Cut to the inside of the cage to reveal the aforementioned serpentine creature looking at Bolin) wasn't hungry after all, (the snake flicks its tongue menancingly) huh? I wonder (Cut to a close up of Bolin as he ponders) where he- (He looks at the camera in surprise) AH!

(Cut to the cage as two shining eyes are seen and the snake lunges out. View cuts to Bolin as the pythonaconda has coiled around his body and proceeds to strangle the kid. Its claws are rested on Bolin's shoulders. The fire ferret is seen desperately attempting to tug on the snake's claws to no avail. The snake then twines around Bolin's neck and the earthbender's face turns into a dangerous shade of blue to indicate a lack of oxygen. When all hope seems lost, the soundtrack of "Firebending Training" plays and we cut to the snake's tail as a hand grabs and pulls on it. Camera zooms out to reveal their rescuer to be Mako. Bolin as he spins around from the force. He loses his balance and falls on a pile of boxes in the shop. The ferret looks up at their rescuer and it squeaks happily.

Cut back to the door of the cage as a pair of hands shove the dangerous pythonaconda back into its home and quickly slams the door shut. The snake collides against the door in an attempt to escape and its shining white eyes are seen glaring at them. Cut back to a scene of the shop.)

Mako: You really (Bolin stands up and pants to catch his breath) have a knack for getting into stupid situations, you know that?
Bolin: (still winded and a little weak) Yeah, thanks Mako. (Cut back to the firebender as he whispers)
Mako: C'mon, we should get out of here. (Camera zooms out to include Bolin in the shot)
Bolin: No, (Mako is surprised) not... without him.

(He thrusts the ferret in front of Mako and we cut to a close up of the ferret as it does the puppy dog pout again. Camera zooms out to show Bolin doing the same impression as well.)

Mako: (off screen) Alright, (Scene pans to a shot of the two brothers as the ferret squeals again and Bolin beams) but his food comes out (points to Bolin and the ferret jumps onto Mako's shoulder, much to his displeasure) of your half.
Bolin: Hooray! (Cut to a close up of Mako as the ferret licks his cheek) You're with us now, Pabu! (Mako appears to relent at the cute gesture and gives a smile. Cut to the streets as the brothers exit the shop with Pabu sitting on Bolin's shoulder.) I named him Pabu.
Mako: How did you come up with that?
Bolin: I dunno, (pets the ferret affectionately) just kinda came to me when the snake was crushing me. (Competition music plays and camera cuts to a back view shot of the brothers as they walk on the bridge adorned with Toza's posters towards the golden probending arena with the searchlights shining in the background.) Oxygen deprivation gives you some good ideas.

(Episode ends with another "To Be Continued..." card featuring Shady Shin shaking his fist in the stands on the left side of the card, Toza earthbending a disc in the foreground, and the brothers who appear to be hiding in the shadows in the background.)

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