Transcript for 016 - Republic City Hustle - Part 3
Republic City Hustle Part 3
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Designed By: Evon Freeman
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

(We see the same title scene of the two brothers as shown in part 1 but now the title card says "Republic City Hustle Part 3". Probending music is playing.

Episode opens up to a full view of the golden arena at night.)

Shiro Shinobi: (Voice over) It looks like Toza has overstayed his welcome (scenes fades to Shiro in the announcer's booth commentating on the match) in the ring, folks. He's (Cut to a back view shot of the opponent waterbender as she draws up a stream of water and sends it to Toza and his firebender teammate) single handedly costing his team the match.

(The water hits both men as Toza groans loudly from the impact which pushes them into zone three as the line buzzer goes off. The Boar-q-pine firebender has fallen on his butt very near the back of the ring. Cut to the fans in the stands cheering. Cut to Shady Shin, Lightning Bolt Zolt, Mako, and Bolin watching the game from a private booth.)

Shady Shin: (He turns back to the brothers. Behind Shady, the opponent team is seen sending water and fire towards the Boar-q-pines.) All those bets you boys collected for the Boar-q-pines are about (Cut to a close up of the boys. Mako is viewing the match intently while Bolin seems sad. Pabu looks up at his owner with concern.) to wind up in our pockets.

(View returns back to the remaining Boar-q-pines. A stream of fire hits Toza in the shoulder, making him budge just a bit. An earth disc flies into screen and knocks the Boar-q-pine firebender into the water. Another earth disc hits Toza after that but it disintegrates as Toza grunts. Cut back to a close up of Lightning Bolt Zolt and Shady Shin in the private booth. The latter has a smile on his face as he waits in anticipation for the match to end.

Camera returns back to Toza who pretends to lose his balance. Cut back to the booth as Shady pokes his head out of it.)

Shady Shin: (shakes his fist at Toza) Go down, ya bum!

(We return back to Toza again as he seemingly regains his balance and pushes his body forward to land on his knees. Cut to the brothers as Bolin looks a little uncertain. Pabu whines sadly. Cut to a close up of Toza as he looks unsure as well and he sighs. His gaze wanders for a moment and as the buzzer goes off, it seems to invigorate the earthbender and he glares at the opposing team with determination. Camera zooms out as Toza stamps his foot on the ground and sends two earth discs to his opponents.)

Shiro Shinobi: (off screen) Wait a second folks, (Cut to Shiro in the booth) Toza looks like he's suddenly waking up from a bad dream. (Camera changes to the brothers who look at the match with astonishment. Sounds of crumbling earth is heard in the background.) He's blasting away (Cut to the opposing team's female waterbender being hit by an earth disc in the back.) just like the championship season (Camera quickly shifts to the fans in the stands as the cheer. Cut to the opponent's female firebender being hit in the gut by the disc.) ten years ago! (Scene quickly jumps to the last earthbending teammate who is also female and she is hit on her waist by the earth disc.) The legend's still got it! (Cut to a shot of the water as all three women fall into the pool.) Knockout!

(We return back to Toza who punches a fist in the air, victorious. Cheers and screams of fans are heard in the background. Cut back to the booth as Shady looks displeased.)

Bolin: Yes! (jumps up and down excitedly) He listened to me, Mako! (Cut to a close up of Mako as he face palms) I told him not to throw the fight and he listened!
Shady Shin: (looking at the boys angrily) You what?!
Bolin: (nervously) Oh well, (starts speaking rapidly) you know I'm sure they're other factors.

(Bolin gives a sheepish smile and the brothers quickly make a run for it as Shady follows them in the background. Time appears to slow down a bit and we cut to the door to the gym as it bursts open to reveal the brothers. Time returns back to normal as they slide into the gym and make a stand. Bolin is seen stressing his body in effort and we cut to his point of view as he moves his hands and earthbend's the rock door door and bends two stacks of earth barbells in front of the door as a barricade. There is a moment of silence as Shady knocks on the door loudly, shaking the barbells from their positions as they drop to the floor. With one last slamming of the door, it bursts open to reveal silhouettes of Shady and his two henchmen. Shady stretches his neck to the side as it pops and he gets ready for battle.

Cut to the ground as Bolin bends the earth and raises it above his head with a battle cry. Pabu squeaks as well. The earthbender throws it towards the older men and Mako sends a small ball of fire at them. Cut to the camera rushing towards the bad guys and the fire hits the earth, creating a cloudy smoke of dust. The particles dissipate to reveal Shady look very angry and a small piece of earth falls on his head as he growls in response. We cut back to the brothers as Bolin stomps his foot on the ground. Cut to Shady's hands as he bends a ball of water and sends it to the brothers. We return back to the boys as Bolin lifts a slab of earth up in time to intercept the water blast. Pabu jumps off Bolin shoulder to hide behind the protective shield of earth. Mako sends another fire ball to Shady and the man quickly ducks as the fire sails past his head and hits the area above the door of the gym.

Shady retaliates by sending another burst of water at the brothers which collides against the shield of dirt and Bolin grunts as he struggles to maintain the earth shield. Pan out to Shady and his henchmen as one of them bends fire at the boys. The earth near the criminals crackle and tremble and two slabs of earth quickly come out to knock out Shady's two henchment. Cut to the brothers who are surprised and camera pans to the side to reveal that Toza has came to their rescue. Cut to Shady look more outraged and we return back to Toza as the brothers quickly stand behind the older earthbender in a stand off. Pabu growls menacingly for the next attack but they are swiftly interrupted by Lightning Bolt Zolt punching his fist against the door which releases a small stream of electricity.)

Lightning Bolt Zolt: Alright, enough, enough! (Shady looks at his boss with surprise and Zolt chides his subordinate) You look ridiculous. (Shady looks a little embarrassed) Fighting with kids, it's not dignified! (Zolt addresses Toza) And you, what gives? You cost me a lot of money just now! I thought you were an honorable man!
Toza: (Cut to a close up of Toza) I am an honorable man; I just needed someone (looks at Bolin and the boy smiles up at his idol) to remind me. (Cut to a side view shot of the scene as Toza tosses two stacks of yuan notes) Here's your money back. (Cut to the money falling at Shady's feet and we return back to Toza who points a thumb behind him.) Now get out of my gym.
Shady Shin: (View returns back to Zolt with the money safely cradled in his hands and Shady who still looks huffy.) Let's go, boys. (Voice drips with venom) We're gonna talk about this, when we get back to the hideout.

(Cut to the boys as they try to walk to Shady but Toza stops them by pointing his arms out in front of the brothers.)

Toza: Wait. You guys have got some real bending skills! With a little training, I think you could go pro! (Mako is shcked) I can teach you everything I know. (Bolin grins from ear to ear and Pabu chirps happily.)
Shady Shin: (laughs snarkily off screen) Sorry bum, (Cut back to Shady) but at least one of these kids is too smart (points a finger to his head) to end up like you. Right, Mako? (Cut to Toza and Mako as the latter sighs)
Toza: (persuading Mako) I could find you a place to stay right here (points a finger down to the floor) in the arena. Who knows? You could be champs! (Bolin cluthes his hands together and Pabu continues to squeal joyfully) At least it's a chance at an honest living.
Bolin: Can we, Mako? Mako, can we pleeeaaase? (Mako looks a little uncertain and Toza looks at him hopefully)
Shady Shin: (off screen) Don't go soft on me, Mako. (The firebender teen looks at Shady) Remember, it's up to you to take of your little brother. Use your head, (Cut to Mako as he furrows his brows in thought and looks at his younger brother.) make the smart play.
Mako: (speaking in a calm, neutral tone) Sorry, Shady. But you're right, I do have to take care of my brother and I think this is what's best for him.

(Cut back to the two triad members as Zolt has already turned his back and is making his way out of the gym. Shady just shrugs.)

Shady Shin: Suit yourself... but who knows? Maybe we can fix a fight together some time. (Shady walks out of the gym as well)
Bolin: (Cut back to the young earthbender as he is relieved) I'm so glad we're not criminals any more! (Pabu continues to chirp in a gleeful manner) Let's celebrate over dinner!
Mako: I think we better save our money.
Bolin: Ohhh, I (points to himself) have lots of money coming. I bet everything (raises his arms wide open) we had on the Boar-q-pines! (Cut to a close up of Toza as he raises an eyebrow)
Mako: (off screen) What? (Cut to Mako) But you knew the fight was fixed. (Camera angle changes to a wide shot of the trio)
Bolin: What can I say, I had a good feeling.

(Soft, peaceful music plays and Bolin rests a hand on Toza's shoulder and the older man smiles. Camera zooms out and Toza pulls the brothers close to his side in a manly hug. Episode ends with another shot of the golden arena.

Fade to black and the three part mini series officially ends.)

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