Transcript for 021 - SDCC 2014 Legend of Korra Panel
SDCC 2014 "The Legend of Korra" Panel
Panelists: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Janet Varney, David Faustino, Seychelle Gabriel, Mindy Sterling, and John Michael Higgins. Special guest: Dee Bradley Baker. Panelists introduced by Megan Casey. Panel moderated by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

Transcriber: Icy_Ashford
The transcript was done using the recording provided by Ryan Harvey on YouTube.

Transcriber's notes:
I've left out the 'ums', 'uhs', and odd moments of minor verbal stumbling for the sake of clarity. Occasionally, there are moments when a speaker is inaudible either due to moving away from their microphone, the crowd's cheers, a combination of both or that the speaker is mumbling/talking too fast to be heard. Those moments will be indicated with [inaudible].

(Recording opens up to the audience cheering as Megan Casey stands at the podium.)

Megan: Welcome to The Legend of Korra panel!

(The audience applauds and cheers.)

Megan: You guys made it. I know, I heard stories of people sitting out since like three or four o'clock yesterday so...

(The crowd cheers again.)

Megan: As usual, Korra fans are the most hardcore rockstars of this convention so thank you! (the crowd goes wild) Thank you so much! My name is Megan Casey, I'm the VP of Current Animation at Nickelodeon Studios and we're so excited to bring these awesome panelists to you guys today. We have a fantastic show, we're super excited to share Book 3 with you. (pretends to whisper) Book 3 is my favorite but don't tell anybody (her voice returns back to normal) but it's the best, it's so awesome. So, I'm super excited and I wanted to bring out first. We have the heart and soul of the series, the most powerful teenager in the universe. Please welcome Janet Varney as Korra!

(The audience whoops and applauds as Janet walks up to the panelist table, waving to everyone. She isn't sure where to sit and gestures up and down to the panel as the audience laughs.)

Megan: Our next panelist, broke hearts. Oh-

(Megan notices the crowd murmuring and she turns towards Janet.)

Megan: You can sit where ever you want. You can- You're the boss! Take a seat.

(Janet comically steps away from the panelist table.)

Janet: I just- I thought, I just [inaudible]

Megan: Oh no no. Just- (points to the extreme end of the table, furthest away from the podium) there we go. Just [inaudible] at the end. (Janet take a seat) There we go. Alright. Our next panelist broke hearts in Books 1 & 2 but he's never been more charming than in Book 3. Let's show him some love, David Faustino as Mako!

(The crowd cheers and claps as David walks in and takes his place next to Janet, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.)

Megan: Next up, we have beauty and brains. The genius behind Future Industries, Seychelle Gabriel as Asami Sato!

(The crowd whoops again and Seychelle enters, giving David a high five before taking a seat beside him.)

Megan: And a new face to the Avatar universe, which I think everybody is falling in love with. He's the razzle dazzle, King of Chaos, John Michael Higgins as Varrick!

(John walks up to the panelist table as the audience claps for him. He gives high-fives to David and Seychelle before sitting down.)

Megan: He's awesome. And I'm super excited to bring out our next guest. It's her first appearance on a Korra panel and she's one of my favorite characters, she's you know, hard as the nails that she can bend. Please welcome Mindy Sterling as Chief Lin Bei Fong!

(There's lots of squeeing from the audience as Mindy walks up to the stage and waves to everyone. She sits next to John.)

Megan: And of course, none of this would be possible without the masterful story telling that comes from probably the most perfectly sculpted head, (the crowd laughs) that I've ever seen. Please welcome co-creator, executive producer, Mike DiMartino!

David: Yeaahhh!!!

(There's much applause and cheering as Mike does a crazy wave and sits next to Mindy.)

Megan: And last but not least, the visionary artistic genius. Our co-creator and executive producer, Bryan Konietzko!

(Again, the audience cheers and catcalls as Bryan excitedly waves and walks in before taking a seat next to Mike.)

Megan: He's clearly the one in charge of the Powerpoint presentation. [inaudible]

Bryan: What was that?

Megan: I said that you're clearly in charge of the Powerpoint presentation.

Bryan: I was in charge, yes.

(Megan and the audience laugh.)

Megan: So with that, I hand it over to these guys and thank you again for- You guys, for really sticking it out all night to get here today. We so appreciate it. Thank you!

David: Yeah.

(The crowd cheers and whoops.)

Bryan: Yes, thank you to the hardcore, dedicated fans who slept on- you know, concrete.

(Audience cheers and the panelists point to the crowd and applaud their dedication.)

Mike: We really appreciate it. We're always impressed and amazed that the turn out and the passion that you guys have.

Bryan: Yep. So obviously, there's been a big shake up. We wanted to address that quickly but we don't want to take too much time 'cos we're here to have fun and look at some cool stuff you guys haven't seen yet. But- Yeah, about the- the pulling it off the channel and moving it into digital exclusively... You know, it's part of this huge sea change- really in the whole industry. I mean, you guys, I'm sure you've seen articles about cable cutters and you know, we're seeing digital streaming. You know... companies doing their own content and winning Emmys and all sorts of stuff so obviously we're in the midst of this big change and... things have changed just for us between when we did Avatar between 2005 and 2008 when those aired. And then when we came back on the air in the year 2012... You know, when Book 1 of Korra came out, it did pretty good numbers on TV but its online presence was just insane. Not only the chatter from all the fans all over the World but- the actual numbers in terms of digital downloads, digital streaming- They've just been huge and as the show is gone along. By the time we got to Book 2, the numbers of the digital streaming, they greatly got away what was happening on the channel. It's no secret that Avatar and especially Korra aren't typical- kind of Nickelodeon... fare (the audience chuckles) and so they've kind of had a hard time trying to fit it into their programming. But- basically the Book 2 finale, the numbers were insane. They were- when they streamed it, when it went on, it was the biggest streaming event that they've had the entire year. And that showed for digital downloads, you know- that season was amazing so... And then obviously as you've seen, not so much on the channel so it's just part of the shift over- It definitely caught us by surprise. It wasn't necessarily done in the smoothest way (the audience laughs) and that was upsetting to many of you and to us as well. So yeah, we're you know- it's moving over to digital, this is actually a plan that was kind of in place earlier and they changed course and then they went back to it so I don't know what kind of happened- in a little bit of a messy way. But thanks for sticking with us. The show is not cancelled.

(There's cheers from the crowd.)

Mike: Yeah, the important thing we definitely want you guys to understand that it really has no effect on what the show is or the stories we're telling because we've finished the writing for the series. We've finished all the pre-production and we're just doing post and Studio Mir is finished with the animation so... Other then it not being on the Nickelodeon main channel, nothing has changed. You gonna get to see it which is the important thing and you can actually - they're gonna start show- putting it online starting next Friday so- August 1st and then there's gonna be a new episode every week after that until August 22nd when they do the two-parter season 3 finale. So...

(Audience whoops loudly.)

Mike: And then hopefully the DVD of Book 3 will be out by the end of the year. So...

Bryan: Yeah.

Mike: You will be able to see it.

Bryan: So let's have fun, let's get on with it.

Mike: Moving on.

Bryan: So, we're gonna show you guys an episode that has not aired.

(The fans go wild.)

Bryan: As I've been known to say, it's a doozy. I know some of you- it's- we don't know how to make a show where it's entertaining and exciting but nothing bad ever happens... I'm not sure how they [inaudible]. So without any further ado... (Bryan chuckles) Hope you enjoy this episode.

Mike: Yeah.

Bryan: And this was written by Josh Hamilton.

Mike: Josh Hamilton-

Bryan: Josh, you here?

Mike: Josh is somewhere here.

Bryan: Over there?

Mike: And Colin Heck directed it but he's not here.

(The camera pans to the screen showing a title card for episode 8 "The Terror Within".)

Bryan: Let's go!

(The lights go dark and the camera does so as well. No recording was allowed for the episode so the camera stops there during the running of the episode. The recording of the panel returns with the fans and panelists applauding.)

Bryan: Always so fun watching it with you guys.

Mike: Yeah, so good. Alright so, we wanna welcome our awesome cast of characters here.

David: Whoo-hoo.

Seychelle: What's up?

Janet: Hey guys! I know this is super self-indulgent but real quick. Just watching that and you know- everybody on this panel has had the good fortune of being here in a room like this before except for John Michael Higgins and Mindy Sterling. Could you just give them one more quick welcome?

(The rest of the panelists and the audience clap for them. John gives Mindy a little hug.)

Janet: 'Cos this is the best feeling in the World and I'm just so excited for them to have it.

Mindy: Thank you.

Janet: Sorry guys.

Mike: We know Bei Fong was missed in Book 2 a bit but you're back!

Mindy: I'm back!

(Audience shouts 'yeah!' and there's cheering.)

Mike: So let's go down, the line I got a couple of questions for you guys. Korra, these are some questions that fans submitted online and someone named John was wondering for Janet, "How would you rate Korra's job as the Avatar so far?" How do you think she's doing?

Janet: Well obviously, this a question that I get asked a lot at the cons that I do and sometimes it's put really nicely and sometimes it's put grumpily.

(Bryan chuckles.)

Janet: Sometimes people go like (puts on a slight whining voice) "Do you like Korra?" (voice returns back to normal) But you know, I think this- just this episode that we got a chance to watch is such a great example to me of you know, I mean, she's had some classic Korra moments where she gets a little snappish but it's such a great example of how much she has come to understand that she... may be the Avatar but that doesn't mean that she can do her job alone. And it's just so exciting to see... you know, the Team together and err... So I think she's on her journey and she's on the arc that Mike and Bryan had always envisioned for her and I'm proud of her and she's infuriating, and wonderful, and strong, and very human.

David: Yes...

(The crowd claps for Janet.)

Mike: And David, we have a question about the voice acting process. What that's like and when you guys get the scripts, like- do you have time to read it beforehand or- and are you guys as emotionally compromised by these storylines as the fans seem to be. When they see the shows.

David: Oh well... When I first started the show, (pretends to flip an imaginary script) I would just rush the script to the find Mako. Mako. Where is Mako's lines? (pretends to highlight Mako's lines) My lines, my lines and then as I became a fan, I started reading the scripts. (Janet and Seychelle chuckle) So we got scripts, (turns to Janet) I think the night before, right? (Janet nods) Usually we're given the scripts the night before we come in and record. We usually- sometimes we have the whole cast together when we're all available which is great. We're all in the same room and we got mics in front of us and we've got our lines and it's tremendous and it's a lot of fun.

Mike: Awesome. And a little shout out to our voice director, Andrea Romano, [inaudible]

(The crowd begins to cheer.)

David: Andrea Romano!

Mindy: Amazing.

David: We miss her.

Seychelle: We missed.

Mike: And Seychelle- So, in the first episode of Book 3, we saw that Korra and Asami are now like BFFs, right?

(Someone catcalls from the audience.)

Mike: So how have you seen Korra and Asami's like, friendship developing and seeing them start as rivals but now they're kind of friends and stuff.

Seychelle: I mean- I think-

Mike: Do you enjoy playing it?

Seychelle: I love it. My parents were actually especially fond of that scene in the car. They've seen the episode before me and they were like, "Oh my God, Korra and Asami are so cute!" It's like [inaudible] 'cos it takes so long, sometimes I forget what happens and I'm surprised by the storylines I already know. But I'm happy I- at any instance where two girls can like, not let a guy get in between them. I think it's a good thing. (audience applauds)

David: Hey now, wait a minute.

Seychelle: I think they're maturing.

Bryan: There is a guy between you two right now.

(Janet and Seychelle laugh.)

David: (chuckles) Right in the middle.

Seychelle: But yeah, I'm happy for them. I think they're stronger together and they make Team Avatar better for it. Mako has to deal with the awkwardness and we've gotten over that so- that's good.

Mike: Get over it, Mako.

David: The tables have turned.

(There's chuckling throughout the panelists table.)

Mike: And Mr. Higgins, welcome.

John: Thank you.

(There's applause again.)

Mike: So... since you've came in, in Book 2. You know kind of- one of my favorites. The humor he brings every time he comes is amazing. And this fan thought you were the most captivating character of the bunch.

John: Oh, good heavens.

Mike: No offence to Janet and the others, they're wonderful. What do you think makes Varrick a truly unique character in the Avatar universe?

John: Well, first of all, I wanna say how thrilled I am to be a part of this universe all of a sudden. I am amazed by what I'm seeing today right in front of me. I honestly thought that I was gonna be doing a press thing with about 20 people in the room (the other panelists laugh) and you can put many zeros behind that apparently. And I'm really pleased to be here, thank you.

Mike: Yeah.

(Audience whoops and claps.)

John: Well, you know, when my agent said hey, you know they're doing this thing in Nickelodeon, you should go over there. It's airbending thing and [inaudible as Janet laughs loudly] And I was like, great, it's not really part of my gig usually. So do I get to fly around and you know, bend cars with my face and that sort of thing? No, you're just sort of an asshole who talks too much. (the panelists laugh) That's what I do all day long. That's every job. You know, I think part of the fun of Varrick, particularly seeing it now in yet another episode is that he... does sort of bridge the gap between our World and the other World in an interesting way. He sort of part... you know, Rupert Murdoch and Thomas Edison and you know, Bozo the Clown all rolled together. And I think he is captivating because he has so little respect... basically. Full of magic and wonder and power and mightiness that's going on around him. It's a- he regards it as a- either helpful or not helpful to him and what he needs to do so, it's a fascinating character. And he is constantly surprising me and I think he surprises the writers as well. (Bryan and Mike chuckle) And I'm always- it's always so fun to show up in the room and see this odd, completely odd paragraph I have to say out loud. And it's like, okay here we go. [inaudible] I remember one episode particularly that I liked, I think it's later in the series though.

Bryan: Be careful.

Mike: No spoilers.

John: I know, I'm not going to do it. Where he talked about his childhood, it is beyond belief so... (everyone laughs) Wait for that.

Mike: Awesome. Mindy, welcome.

Mindy: Hey. (flexes her muscles)

Mike: I know the fans have been waiting to see you... in real life!

Mindy: I mean this is really like cool. You guys are amazing and awesome and some of you slept overnight to get in here, right?

(Audience whoops and the panelists applaud them.)

David: Yeah.

Mindy: Whoo!

Mike: So what's your favorite part of voicing Lin and do you have any similarities in your personality with Lin?

Mindy: Oh God... (Mike chuckles) Well I think... for me the best part of doing this character is- this is an amazing, strong woman who is fearless, and powerful, and feminine.

Mike: Yeah.

(There's some clapping from the audience.)

Mindy: And hot looking. And you know, is not afraid to take you know, control, in charge and really does have this amazing... you know, facet to everything she does. I love, love playing her. I- is she a little bit like me? I think all of our characters have a little similarities to our personalities ourselves. I am not that strong, I am not that powerful but I am that feminine. (the panelists laugh) And it is- I love playing her. She's not mean. I get a lot of- I play a lot of really nasty women and she's not. She's just- a very matter of fact, she's here to protect the Avatar and Korra and so, she's very motherly in a way and she has lots of baggage and issues which I do.

(The crowd laughs.)

Mike: Well said. Now this question I found very funny so I'm gonna ask you guys. For John Michael Higgins and Mindy. Varrick and Lin somehow end up on a blind date with each other. What happens?

(There's laughter once more.)

John: Oh wow.

Mindy: Meow.

Mike: It's two single people on the town, what's going-

John: Well I think-

Mike: Show up-

Mindy: Did they have a couple of drinks?

Mike: Yeah.

Mindy: My, anything can happen with that.

John: [inaudible] you know about. A big problem about... well...

Mindy: Does he make me laugh is what I want to know.

John: Yeah, well, who's going to be on top? So to [inaudible as the panelists laugh]

Mindy: That will be the conflict.

John: Certainly a conflict.

Mindy: And will we go all night? (Bryan goes err and the panelists laugh) What?

Mike: Well maybe-

David: (waves to the audience) Thanks, kids!

Mike: That sounds like a very... interesting... date.

John: Will we go Applebees?

Mindy: Cocos.

Mike: I love it, I love it. Alright, we got a really special question here. And I'll give credit to Brian O'Mara for asking this. You've inspired us. So, he had a question that said, can we have the voice actors sing "Secret Tunnel" as their characters?

(The audience cheer with approval while John and Mindy look a little confused.)

Seychelle: Oh.

Mike: Which I think we can do that. But before we do that, I want to invite a special guest to the panel! (the audience cheers) You might know him as the voice of-

Bryan: Every-

Mike: Naga, Pabu-

David: Yeeaaah!

(The crowd and panelists go wild.)

Mike: [inaudible] every other animal in the universe, Dee Bradley Baker! [inaudible]

David: Whoo-hoo!!

(Everyone applauds and we see a shadow, presumably Dee, dashing past the camera towards the stage.)

Mike: He's doing the loop.

Bryan: Seen him [inaudible]

Mike: Alright.

Bryan: Dee, you can fly, right?

(There is some laughter as the panelists look off screen.)

Mike: Dee is having trouble getting to the stage. But err..

Bryan: We also need your help with this.

Audience: Yeah! Whoo!

Mike: So as you know, this- most of you [inaudible]

David: Dee Bradley Baker, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah!!!

(Dee finally makes it to the stage and he grabs hold of a microphone.)

Mike: Dee played the original character, Chong, from Book 2 of Avatar.

(Dee does an animal squeak. Everyone laughs and he pinches his nose and proceeds to do an air bison growl. Then he finally imitates Momo's chirps.)

Bryan: Alright, there goes the song, thanks everybody.

(The audience laughs.)

David: Yeah!

Bryan: Alright, here we go.

Mike: Alright, so let's cue the clip.

Bryan: Cue the clip.

(David stands up and gestures off screen for an extra microphone for Dee.)

Dee: And Chong's gonna sing?

Bryan: Chong. Chong singing.

David: [inaudible]

Dee: Okay.

Bryan: Roll the clip, please.

Dee: So let's sing along, everybody.

(The clip plays and the panelists look at a screen in front of them. A scene from "The Cave of Two Lovers" from Avatar: The Last Airbender plays.)

Chong: There's an old story about a secret pass... right through the mountains.

(The crowd whoops.)

Katara: Is this real or a legend?

Chong: Oh, it's a real legend. And it's as old as earthbending itself.

(The music for Secret Tunnel begins to play and the panelists start singing.)

All: Two lovers, forbidden from one another... a war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart. (Seychelle dances with her arms) Built a path to be together.

Chong: Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes...

All: Secret tunnel! Secret tunnel! Through the mountain! Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!

(Everyone cheers and applauds.)

Mike: Thanks, Dee! Little flashback to Avatar.

Dee: I love that guy. (Mike chuckles) He's so cool, I wanna hang out with that guy!

Bryan: You are that guy!

Dee: His wife is [inaudible] lies on his back and plays the drums while looking up at the sky. It's great.

Bryan: Alright, thank you so much actors for answering those questions and singing the song. We're gonna show you guys some cool artwork real quick from Book 3.

(The audience cheers and whoops.)

Bryan: Go to the visuals there on the screen.

(Camera pans over to the screen with the title card "Character Art". The slide accidentally skips to a view of Bum-Ju in a pink sweater.)

Bryan: And err... so.

(The slide returns back to the title card and everyone awws with disappointment.)

Bryan: What happened there? Go ahead. We were there. (the slide returns back to Bum-Ju) There we go. Okay, so, we know you were all dying to know... what it would have looked like had Bumi gotten the sweater on Bum-Ju. (the audience laughs) So yeah, that's it! That's all the artwork I wanted to show you guys, so...

(The crowd chuckles.)

Bryan: [inaudible] just kidding.

(Dee does the shrill of Bum-Ju and the silde changes to a picture of Zaheer. Dee has taken a seat next to Bryan on the panelist table.)

Bryan: Here's a first concept piece I did for Zaheer... Ya know, after Books 1 and 2, I thought- You know, Tarrlok and Unalaq kinda looked the same so I wanted to do something very different. A sort of an MMA fighter, kind of cage wrestling guy... (slide changes to a few expression art of Zaheer and there's a pic of him in a colorful Fire Nation-Water Tribe outfit) So I wanted him to be kinda bulky and having a different look. This is Ryu's concept that he did after mine. Of course, complete with Ryu's crazy color combinations. Ryu, are you here? (the audience whoops) Buddy? There he is!

(The crowd cheers and claps.)

Bryan: Genius Ryu. (slide changes to a concept art of Zaheer in captivity) So I did a concept- We know he's gonna be in prison for a very long time, they probably didn't let him groom so he's gonna grow some hair (slide changes to an expression sheet of Zaheer after he escapes prison) and Ryu did this incredible expression sheets of him when he's busting his buddy out of the barge. (slide changes to an exact expression sheet of Zaheer but all his hair is gone) And you can see his hair melt off here. (the audience laughs) This was what he's gonna look like for the rest of the season. So you can see- if you ever think his ears look strange, like maybe they didn't draw him well, that was actually intentional. He's supposed to have cauliflower ears from a career of fighting so...

(Slide changes to a model of Ghazan.)

Bryan: So there is Ghazan, this is my first concept for him... All his- I don't have any tattoos but obviously I like drawing tattooed characters from Aang and Ghazan and so... (slide changes to an expression sheet of Ghazan) This is Ryu's concepts, sort of expression sheets of his heads... (slide changes to a full body art of Ghazan, highlighting his tattoos) And then I had to work out the tattoos. It's always tough 'cos it's hard to do kinda graphic patterns moving over shapes... Ya know, keeping them consistent and um, but these were fun to do.

(Slide changes to a full body concept art of Ming-Hua.)

Bryan: And then Ming-Hua... (there is a bit of cheering from the audience) Favorite character of ours to conceive of and design. This is based on- she's just basically my friend Mitchi but Mitchi does have arms of flesh and bone, (audience chuckles) not of water. (slide changes to Ming-Hua's expression sheet) And so here are Ryu's incredible expression sheets for her. (slide changes to a concept art of Ming-Hua with her water arms) And then... some of the like the model sheets kinda explaining different things she could do with her malleable water arms.

(Again, slide changes to a full body artwork of P'li.)

Bryan: And then, P'li, another fun one to design. This is Angela Muller... Are you here, Angela? (the audience cheers) Over there? (the crowd claps) Over there! There's Angela. So, Angela was an old friend and great character designer who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender. And when she was gonna work on Korra, I said, hey take a stab at this like, firebending assassin. And so she did this crazy, kind of- it's a bit [inaudible] looking kind of character and I liked it. (slide changes to few concept art of P'li's head in a different hairstyle) And this is some cool heads she did for that and I said, (slide changes to a concept art of P'li as seen in the show) but let's make her six eight... Taller than her boyfriend. (the audience laughs) So, this was my version of it based on her design and (slide changes to a colored concept art of P'li) then we kind of finished it together. And we have our next combustion bender.

(Slide changes to concept arts of Ghazan, P'li, and Ming-Hua in winter outfits.)

Bryan: And so when they're busting out P'li, we had to like give them winter costumes so we kind of like winterized everybody. And Christie Tseng, our other character designer, and Angie were turning in different concepts (slide changes to a concept art of Zaheer in his winter gear) and Angie turned in this one for Zaheer. She's like, oh you know, really nonchalant. Oh alright, I've got some alternate ones too for you to consider.

(Slide changes to Zaheer in modern winter outfits, complete with ear muffs and a cup of hot coffee in hand. Everybody laughs.)

Bryan: We were gonna go with the one on the right. We just thought it would be a little too hard to animate.

Dee: Oh, how can I un-see that?

Bryan: So then, Ryu did... As you know, Zaheer's voiced by legendary Henry Rollins.

(The crowd applauds.)

David: Yeaaah.

Bryan: As we like to call him, the most interesting man in the World. He's worn many hats but he's you know, he built his career as a legendary punk singer so Ryu did (slide changes to an art of the Red Lotus team being imagined as a rock band) this awesome-

(Audience cheers.)

Bryan: I see spin-off. I don't know about you guys, this is spin-off. (audience laughs and slide changes to a concept art of Su) So... and then we have The Metal Clan, Suyin's family. Which was really fun doing this art deco city and art deco fashion and jewelery. So this was my first concept for her (slide changes to a colored concept of Su) and this was what we ended up with when she was in color. (slide switches to a concept of Bataar) And her husband, Bataar, you only see a little bit so far. He's the architect (slide changes to an art of Bataar Junior) and Bataar Junior. I swear that expression looks like David Schwimmer to me. (audience laughs) So...

Mike: Yeah, you only see Bataar Junior very briefly in the doorway but-

Bryan: Yeah.

Mike: But he exists.

Bryan: So he works with his Dad a lot on the city. (switch to a concept art of Huan) And then, Huan aka Skrillex, as a lot of people call him. (audience whoops)

Mike: He's fun.

Bryan: Very fun. (slide changes to a full colored art of him) And then we got his final color. (slide changes to a concept art of Opal) It was really fun doing all the different variations on this kind of like, utopia art deco outfits. Opal's really fun to design. I did her original concept and (slide switches to a colored shot of Opal) then we got her color model. She kind of looks like a little flapper. (slide changes to a concept art of the twins, Wing and Wei) And then, Wing and Wei aka [inaudible] (audience laughs) We kind of got the mirror image twins. You'll notice their hair parts opposite... their jewelery and all their doodads are opposite of each other. They're fun. They really remind me of Josh, our writer. Kind of like, a cool bro.

(Slide changes to a concept art of Su's picture which features her during her time in the circus.)

Bryan: And then, it's so tiny in the show but I wanted to show you Su's circus photo from when she joined the circus. (slide changes to a grayscale colored version of the photo) So that's Suyin on the top there and that was a fun one. You can see a little baby- they still have a little baby platypus-bear.

Dee: Oh yeah.

Audience: Awww...

Bryan: Christie Tseng did that. (slide changes to a grayscale photo of Su's family picture) And the family photo, hadn't had the chance to post that yet but always love seeing the family photos for these guys.

Mike: Huan doesn't like getting his picture taken.

(Audience chuckles.)

Bryan: Yeah. So yeah, that's the art. (slide changes to a title card named "Pencil Tests") And now we're gonna show you a really awesome treat. We have some representatives from Studio Mir here. Jae Myung, are you here? Supposed to-

Mike: Jae Myung? I don't know-

Bryan: Jae Myung. There we go.

Mike: He's there. President of Studio Mir.

Bryan: Long time. We've been working with Jae Myung since the pilot of Avatar since 2003, he's an old friend of ours and we've kind of, you know been there and helped him build his own animation studio. It's been amazing working with him.

Mike: Yeah and then- I mean, every- this episode was just one example of the many amazing action scenes and emotional scenes. They're just good at everything so- We're so glad that they're doing all of Book 3 and all of Book 4.

(The audience claps.)

Bryan: We just want to mention real quick. Since the end of Book 2, and they came back to production. They've been helped out by their friends, Studio Rev, an awesome studio that works alongside with them. So they've already been working, helping out with a bunch of the episodes so we just want to thank Studio Rev for their great work too.

(Everyone applauds.)

Mike: Yeah. So we're gonna show you some pencil tests scenes alongside the final footage so you can see. You know, it's always nice to see the actual hand drawn look of the drawings and then, you'll see-

(Camera recording suddenly cuts there as the recorder has to change his camera battery. Recording returns to a side by side comparison between the final footage and the pencil tests of Ming-Hua drilling into the ice prison in the "In Harm's Way" episode. For all subsequent scenes, only the final footage is shown first, followed by just the pencil tests only, and then a side by side comparison of the final cut and the pencil tests. From the "In Harm's Way" episodes, the scenes shown are Zuko's fight with Ghazan, Kya's fight with Zaheer, Zaheer defeating the White Lotus guards on Air Temple Island before Kya regains her footing and bends two arcs of water around her. From "The Stakeout" episode, the scene shown features Ming-Hua subduing Mako and throwing him against a door before his brother, Bolin, gets chased by Ghazan and he jumps into a swimming pool. From the "Enter the Void" episode, the scenes shown are of Lin dodging an attack by P'li and her sending an earth chunk at her, and Zaheer kicking away some boulders with airbending. Then the title card for Book 3: Change is shown and the audience applauds.)

Dee: Wow.

Bryan: Thank you, Studio Mir and Studio Rev for being so incredible.

Dee: I am floored by that, I mean I never get tired of the fight scenes and the battle scenes. It is such an endless fountain of creativity that is different every time. How do you do that?

(The audience whoops and cheers.)

David: Very cool, very cool.

Mike: Lots of amazing people.

Bryan: [inaudible]

Mike: Good [inaudible], 'cos we wanna thank our amazing crew and our amazing cast. And a shoutout to our awesome producer, Karen Malach who wrangled us all and got this thing done in a reasonable amount of time so we appreciate it.

Bryan: Yep.

Mike: And unfortunately, these panels go by too fast.

David: I- [inaudible]

(One of the panelists go 'aww'.)

Mike: We already gotta go. It's crazy.

Bryan: Thank you to-

David: I just want to thank everybody who really, I mean, camped out and slept in-

Mindy: Yeah.

David: It's amazing [inaudible as audience cheers] And everybody who waited in line, we thank you guys so so much for coming, it's awesome.

Seychelle: You guys are the best.

Bryan: [inaudible] my little thank you slab there... I think we're gonna go to the video and end-

Mike: We got one last little sneak peek.

Bryan: Thank you, guys. Thank you so much, we love you guys.

(The slides show cartoon versions of Mike and Bryan showing all their love to their fans.)

Bryan: This is likely our last gig at San Diego for Korra. (the audience are disappointed and they start to grumble) So we [inaudible] I know. We are likely gonna be at New York Comic Con if any of you guys can make it out there. But this is probably the last big Korra panel. So you guys are the best. We seriously love you, all of you.

Mike: Thank you.

Bryan: Mike put together a special treat for you guys. So-

Mike: And err, yeah.

Bryan: Roll [inaudible]

Mike: Enjoy. And hopefully we'll see some of you at the signing.

David: Thank you everybody.

Bryan: Thank you!

Janet: Thanks guys!

(The screen shows a "Coming Soon" title card and then Shiro Shinobi appears on screen.)

Shiro Shinobi: Hello KorraNation! This is Shiro Shinobi reporting live from the San Diego Comic Con! With a special preview of what's coming up on The Legend of Korra! (scenes from "The Stakeout" are shown) After discovering the truth about Aiwei, Team Avatar pursues him to the Misty Palms Oasis where- spoiler alert, Mako and Bolin try out some new disguises. (the audience chuckles)That color looks great on you, boys! And Asami and Bolin square off in the most epic Pai Sho match ever played! (there is more laughter from the crowd) Ooo! Bad move there, Bolin! Then Team Avatar finds out their-

(Recording ends there as the recorder gets stopped by security for filming it. Recording then returns to the panelists standing up and waving goodbye.)

Megan: The cast and creators of Nickeldeon's Legend of Korra. (the audience cheers) Ladies and gentlemen, please do not come down to the stage. Please do not come down to the-

[Recording stops and the panel ends there.]

Transcriber's note: Again, a huge thanks to Ryan Harvey for recording the panel.

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