Transcript for 101 - Welcome to Republic City
Welcome To Republic City
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaqium Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Ian Graham, Kang Sung Dae, Kim Sung Hoon, Lee Dae Woo, Han Kwang Il, Kim Young Chan, Lesean Thomas, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas, Colin Heck
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Avatar_Mom, Lavanya Six

[The introduction sequence is longer than normal, giving the past Avatars more time to demonstrate their element. Kyoshi bends earth and punches it to the left. The camera cuts to the tight. Roku strikes left and right, fire bursting from his hands. We cut back to the left to find an adult Aang, his jaw trimmed with a dark beard. He dances and kicks at stage center. We cut upwards. Korra sloppily waterbenders, soaking the camera. The screen whites out.

When it dims, an aged ink drawing fills the screen. It's Team Avatar from the original series, at the age we last saw them. From left to right: Sokka brandishes his space swords, Suki is dressed in her Kyoshi Warrior uniform, Toph is earthbending, Katara is waterbending, Zuko is firebending, and Aang is airbending. The camera pans rightward across the drawing before finally focusing on Aang. His eyes and arrow tattoos begin to glow white. Then they flash.

A standard Avatar world map appears. The camera zooms in, tilting and turning, and the map becomes partly three dimensional with regards to the mountains and volcanos. The camera approaches a spot in the Earth Kingdom's continental northwest. The screen whites out again, as if the camera is passing through clouds. When it comes through the other side, the view is one of a flyover shot of Republic City. The camera can see the whole width of the sprawling city. Then the camera shoots into the waters of Yue Bay, before coming up for a shot of the city's skyline. The camera races towards the skyline, only to veer off to the left, turning around to approach Aang's giant memorial statue. The camera keeps moving, but slows for a moment to linger on Aang's face. It shoots up vertically into a cloud-filed sky, finally settling on a shot of the blazing sun.]

Tenzin: (voice over) Earth... Fire... Air... Water.

When I was a boy, my father, Avatar Aang, told me the story of how he and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War.

Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and non-benders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. They named the capital of this great land "Republic City".

Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life, but sadly his time in this world came to an end. And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew.

Act I

(It's nighttime in the Southern Water Tribe, the sky filled with storm clouds and the air with snow. The camera pans down to reveal mountains along a coastline. In the background, a coastal city blazes with bright lights. Yet our interest is the three cloaked figure advancing up the hillside, the central figure holding aloft a lantern.

We cut to a view behind the trio as they reach the crest of their hilltop. Their purple cloaks stand out against the white snow. The trio pauses. Their new focus is shared by the camera; the hazy background sharpens. There are a few homes atop the hill.

We cut to a view of this landscape, with several igloos and tents dotting it, and the camera pans across it. Three tiny figures approach one igloo; it blazes with light.

We cut to the wooden door of that dwelling. Tonraq, a large muscular man in Water Tribe clothing, is holding aloft a lantern. He bows his head in respect to the cloaked figure in the foreground.)

Tonraq: The White Lotus has honored my family by coming. Thank you.

(Tonraq turns and pushing open the door. Senna, his wife, is sweeping in the center of their home. Her robe is stained and their house is clearly in a state of disrepair. Senna halts her sweeping and bows.)

Senna: Welcome.

(Her statement is puncuated by a decorative shield falling off the wall.

The cloaked figures pull of their hoods. Tonraq walks around them. Their leader, a short, hefty man with greying hair, speaks.)

White Lotus Leader: We have investigated many claims, both here and in the Northern Tribe. All have turned out to be false.

(Tonraq comes over to Senna and puts an arm on her shoulder. The couple smiles at one another, then turns back to the trio.)

Senna: Then you should be happy to know, your search has come to an end.

(Cut to a close-up view of the trio. They are clearly unimpressed with this declaration.)

White Lotus Leader: What makes you so sure your daughter is the "one"?

(Cut back on the couple. Senna turns to the left and calls out.)

Senna: Korra, please come in here.

(Cut back to the White Lotus trio. They're facing the camera, still looking bland, when a slab of rock flies past them. Their eyes shoot wide. They turn, startled, to the right. The camera zooms rightward, revealing a circular hole in the room's stone interior wall. Backlit by a bright light, a kid Korra strikes an action pose and then starts jumping around, bending the various elements.)

Korra: I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!

(We cut to Korra encroaching on the trio. They step back, their expressions still shocked, as Korra bends. A shot of the trio's leader getting the hem of his cloak set ablaze is followed by Korra putting out the small fire with a spot of bent water. We pan up from their feet to find the trio is still surprised. They look from the extinguished cloak fire to Korra, and the camera cuts to Korra still moving through the elements.

Finally, this young Korra blasts fire straight on into the camera, filling the screen, and when the red flames die away many years have passed. The Korra we see now is seventeen years old. She is dressed in red-toned protective gear atop her usual Water Tribe flavor clothes. In the background is her training grounds, set amid the snowy mountains of the South Pole. But all this passes in a blur, for Korra is in combat. She kicks flames at the camera and we cut to one of her training partners, also dressed in red, failing to block her attack. He's knocked off his feet and thrown backwards.

We cut to a new shot as that man rolls away under the camera. There are two more red-garbbed sparring partners, and past them, watching this battle unfold, are a handful of figures. Korra jumps into shot, turning to face her two remaining opponents. They simultaneously blast fireballs at her.

We cut to a shot overlooking the battle, with the camera hanging just behind the onlookers. We see now that of the five, three of them are the same trio of White Lotus officials from Korra's childhood, if with more white in their hair.

We cut to face Korra again, where, boasting a cocky expression, she easily disperse the double attack.

We cut to a side view of her two sparring partners. The one closest to the camera punches forward, blasting more fire, and then he moves leftward off-screen towards Korra. A cut back to Korra shows her dodging the incoming fireballs and advancing on her opponents. The next shot shows her two enemies continuing their attacks, with one man charging Korra and the other running to circle around. The first man attempts a mid-air spinning kick, but Korra rolls under the attack and unbalances the man with a kick to his foot. Off-balance, the man tumbles wildly through the air. He hits the ground hard but recovers.

Korra now finds herself between the two firebenders.

As the second man blasts her with fire, the first man charges her. Korra deals with both attacks simultaneously; dispelling the fire with her hands and kicking backwards at the first man. She immediately launches into the offensive, firing blasts at the second man.

We cut to a sideways shot of him taking the brunt of Korra's attack. It's too much. He grunts as he's overwhelmed and thrown backwards off his feet.

We cut to a shot of Korra's back as the first man charges on screen. He blasts her with fireball punches, but Korra's guard is too good. Nothing gets through her defense. A sideways shot of Korra shows her blocking fireballs from both sides of the screen. An especially large one overwhelms the camera, and when the flames die out we get a close-up shot of a determined Korra. She uses both arms and unleashes a ferocious attack at the camera, and we cut to a sideways shot of her and the second man to see its effect. Her target is rocketed off his feet and into the air. Smoking, he arcs over and hits the roof of the building the observers are standing in. Limp and groaning, he slides down the wooden roof and becomes tangled up in the railing at its edge. Directly below him, the five observes are staring up.

We cut to a sidewards view of the five, panning right-to-left. An elderly woman near the camera, her white hair styled in distinctive loopies, is impressed.)

Katara: She's strong.

(As the other two Lotus members and an elderly Fire Nation return their focus to the battlefield, the leader of the trio turns his head to look at Katara. His expression is one of severe disapproval, even annoyance.)

White Lotus Leader: She lacks restraint.

(We cut back to the training grounds, with a sideways shot of the remaining duelist. He runs towards the right, continuously blasting fire with both hands. We cut back to Korra, smiling with wolfish enjoyment, as she runs to the left. The camera pulls in close on her face and the incoming flame adds an orange-ish tone to her skin. Her grin never falters. Cutting to an overhead view of the two, we see now that Korra is running head-on into a gigantic sustained fire plume. Cutting into the middle of the churning inferno, Korra presses her way into view, forcing aside the flames and moving towards the camera. Her expression is no longer wolfish. Instead, it is one of fixed, grim determination.

The camera cuts to the remaining duelist standing in the middle of the screen. Korra, having forced her way through his flames, seems about to grab hold of both his wrists. Instead, as the man freaks out at this sudden reversal, she takes advantage of his surprise to leap atop him, summersaulting off his left shoulder. We cut to a view of Korra spin through the air, the camera looking down as she is on the distraught man below, and hang with this for a few moments. Then we cut to a forward view of Korra hanging in the air; she unleashes a kick that spews flames at the man below, who throws his arms up to shelter himself. A close-up cut to Korra, expression still one of grim focus, flows into her unleashing jets of flames with both arms. As she gracefully lands, we cut to a shot of the smoldering duelist with the five onlookers in the background. The duelist collapses.

We cut back to Korra facing the camera. She throws both arms into the air and goes woo-hoo. A reaction shot of the adult onlookers shows that only Katara is pleased. The trio's leader, arms folded across his chest, is clearly peeved. The two other White Lotus members aren't impressed either, with the spectacled man raising an eyebrow. The finely dressed Fire Nation man, hands held behind his back, possesses a neutral expression.

We cut to an overhead shot of the five onlookers as Korra runs towards them and stops at the edge of the training field.)

Korra: Woo hoo! Hey, why all the doom and gloom people? We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go.

(Cut to Korra facing the camera. Off to her left in the background, one of her sparring partners sits on the ground rubbing his head. Korra pulls off her safety helmet. She's ecstatic.

Cut to a close sideways view of Katara, the Fire Nation man, and the trio's leader. The camera moves pass Katara, focusing on both the Fire Nation man and the trio's leader as they speak.)

Firebending Master: You're getting ahead of yourself as usual Korra. We haven't decided if you passed your firebending test yet.
White Lotus Leader: Ever since you were a little girl, you've excelled at the physical side of bending, but completely ignored the spiritual side. The Avatar must master both.

(Cut back to Korra reacting. Her lips are pursed and her eyelids half-drawn. She's even less impressed then they were a moment ago. Shoulders slumping forward, she looks abashed for a moment, yet her cheerful attitude soon reasserts itself.)

Korra: I haven't ignored it. It just doesn't come as easy to me. But that's why I should start training with Tenzin immediately. He's "Mister Spiritual."

(Cut back to overhead shot of the assembly. The trio's leader bodily turns toward Katara.)

White Lotus Leader: Do you believe she's ready Master Katara?

(Cut to close-up of the five elders.)

Katara: Yes. If anyone can teach her what she needs to learn, its Tenzin.

(Katara's answer provokes quiet shock and dismay from the group. Korra's firebending instructor's jaw drops. The two White Loti in the back row close their eyes and slightly bow their heads. Soon, the other two elders join them in bowing their heads to Master Katara's decision. Then they all open their eyes and raise their heads.)

White Lotus Leader: Very well, Korra. It's time for you to begin your airbending training.

(Cut to Korra. She jumps for joy, then remembers she still has an audience. A reaction shot shows only Katara is remotely approving of the Avatar's behavior. Cutting back to Korra, she clears her throat and solemnly thanks them.)

Korra: Yes! Finally! I mean... Thank you all for believing in me.

(Cut to Korra walking away from the group of elders. She can barely contain her excitement and quickly turns and runs off. We get a quick close-up of a smiling Katara.

A new scene, looking up a stone staircase. Korra practically flies down it and pushes through the gate at the bottom. Cut to a large polar bear-dog sleeping curled up on its side, its back to the camera. The ground is covered in hay. A modest "dog house" igloo occupies the background. Naga, her tail wagging, stands and walks towards the camera. Cut to Korra hugging Naga and scratching her head. Naga licks her smiling, laughing mistress.)

Korra: Naga, you should have seen it. I kicked some firebender butt, and I passed! Tenzin will be here in a few days.

(Cut to overhead shot of the training complex. Aside from the training grounds at its center, there are several industrial-looking bits along the walls. The front gate features grand double-doors decorated in a lion-turtle's head. The camera zooms in a tiny figure in the mid-ground. It's Korra atop Naga.

Cut to one of the towers beside the front gate. An Order of the White Lotus guard walks up to the edge of his tower. Cut down to Korra, standing in the shadow of the compound's walls, staring up at the guard. Cut back to the guard, who's clearly not keen on Korra's request. Cut back to Korra, now with crossed arms and a tired-looking expression.)

Korra: Just taking Naga out for a stroll. Don't worry we're not going far.

(Cut back to the guard. Still not looking entirely convinced, he turns around. Cut to a wide shot of Korra before the gate as it opens. Cut to a close-up on Korra's face as the door peels open, the daylight illuminating her eager expression in the shadows. Cut to a backshot of Korra taking Naga through the still-opening gates. The camera follows her through them, out onto a vast polar landscape of icy plains.

Cut to a distant shot. In the background, now nothing more than a mere dot on the snowscape, bound Korra and Naga. The compound is little more the even more distant smudge. Yet in the foreground, atop a rocky hillside overlooking the plains below, are two White Lotus members, monitoring the Avatar below...

Cut to a sideways shot of Korra, her mount's reins in her hands. The camera pulls back as Naga picks up speed.)

Korra: Naga go. That a girl. Go! Go! Go!

(Cut to a front-on shot of Korra riding Naga. She looks determined and content.

New scene. Another distant overhead shot of the Avatar's training pound, this time in the golden light of the evening. A sky-bison swoops onscreen from behind the camera, jostling it as it passes. The beast flies down toward the compound. Cut to a ground-level shot of Korra and Katara's backs as they stare up into the sky as the sky-bison comes in for a landing. The camera pans up, following their gaze, until it stops as the sky-bison passes overhead. Korra runs onscreen, smiling, and heads toward the sky-bison.

Cut to a shot of the sky-bison circling around the compound's main building, finally coming in for a landing. We can see several orange shapes atop the beast, as well as Korra and Master Katara waiting on the ground.)

Ikki: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It looks like we are there. I know this is very familiar. Are we here yet? Are we here yet? Oh, please say we are here!

(Cut to a front-on shot of the sky-bison, where we see Tenzin's family for the first time. Meelo is gnawing on his father's head. Jinora and Ikki are perches at the edge of the saddle behind their father. To the back right, Pema sits. Tenzin himself, holding the reins, seems exhausted.)

Tenzin: Yes, Ikki. As I have been telling you for the last 15 minutes, we are finally here.

(Ikki and Jinora leap out of the saddle, riding air scooters down their sky-bison's tail. Tenzin, with Meelo still clinging to his head, merely walks off the bison.)

Ikki: Weee! Hehehe!

(Cut to Tenzin and Katara approaching one another. He raises one hand in a formal greeting as his girls cling to his sides and Meelo pulls at his ears. When he leans forward, a chuckling Katara takes Meelo off him.)

Tenzin: Hello, Mother. I can't tell you happy I am to see you. Please, help me.

(Cut to Katara holding Meelo. He squirms and struggles.)

Meelo: Unhand me strange woman!

(Cut to Tenzin.)

Tenzin: That's your grandmother, Meelo.

(Meelo hops over his grandmother's head and floats to the ground. Now with a serious expression, he runs off-screen. Katara is wide-eyed for a moment, but then her happy expression reasserts itself.)

Katara: It's so good to see all of you.

(Cut to a shot of Jinora standing before Katara. The young girl is clutching her hands together and stooping slightly. She looks eager.)

Jinora: Gran Gran, I have been reading all about your old adventures. I've been dying to ask you, what happened to Zuko's mom?

(Cut back to Katara, who begins to speak before Ikki jumps up in front of her, waving her arms.)

Katara: Well, Jinora, it's an incredible tale...

(Cut to Ikki and Jinora. Ikki is jumping up and down. Jinora's expression cycles from annoyance at the interruption to resignation. Cut to a shot of Katara as Ikki's head bobs up and down in the foreground. Cut to a shot of the entire Tenzin clan. Ikki is still hopping and clapping her hands. Jinora slumps her head, despondent. In the background, a very pregnant Pema is struggling to slide down the sky-bison's tail. Tenzin goes over and helps her.)

Ikki: Gran Gran, you look old. How old are you? And why is it so cold in the South Pole? Can we make a campfire and all hudle around it and tell scary stories, and make snowmen? And then can you make the snowmen move with waterbending and chase us? Wouldn't that be fun? Huh, wouldn't it?
Tenzin: Pema let me help you. Careful now. Careful.
Pema: Stop doting on me. I'm not helpless, I'm just pregnant.

(Cut to a sideways shot of Tenzin, his wife, and his mother. Pema and Katara hug, then the latter puts a hand on the former's belly.)

Katara: The baby's strong. I see another airbender in your future.

(A shot of Katara's hand on Pema's belly. We pan up to Pema's face. Katara's pronouncement causes Pema's expression to change from a pleasant one, to a surprised one, to finally a dismayed one. When Pema begins to voice her own desires, both Katara and Tenzin look surprised at what she says. While Tenzin continues to look rather 'blah' over Pema's words and begins to fiddle with his goatee, Katara just smiles. When Meelo calls from off-screen, an annoyed Pema looks toward the camera.)

Pema: All I want is just one child like me. A nice non bender who doesn't blast wind in my face every 5 seconds.

(Cut to the three children playing in snow. Jinora ice skates off-screen, stage left, using her airbending. Ikki is making a snowman. Meelo, covered entirely in snow, whirls around with his airbending, blasting Pema with snow. Cut back to Pema, who shakes off the snow, looking annoyed and with a few more stray hairs. Cutting to a view of all three adults, an exhausted Pema points to Tenzin.)

Meelo: Mommy look, I'm a snow bender!
Pema: Were Tenzin and his siblings this crazy when they were kids?

(Cut to a close-up of Katara.)

Katara: Kya and Bumi certainly were, but Tenzin has always been rather serious.
Tenzin: Mother, please.

(Cut to a close-up of a rather serious looking Tenzin. When he looks past Katara, the camera cuts to a shot of a smiling Korra behind Katara's left shoulder. Cutting back to Tenzin, we see him lightly surprised. With the sunset backing them all, Korra walks over to Tenzin and he puts his hands on her shoulders.)

Tenzin: Korra? Look at you. So big and strong. You've grown into quite the young Avatar.
Korra: Master Tenzin, I'm so glad you're here. I can't wait to get started.

(Cut to a close-up of Tenzin. He turns his head to the side, not able to meet Korra's eyes.)

Tenzin: Yes, well... uh...

(Cut to a shot of all four. Pema turns to Tenzin to talk, leaving Korra looking confused.)

Pema: You're going to have to tell her sooner or later.
Korra: What? Tell me what?

(Cut to a close-up of Katara, zooming in. She looks disappointed.)

Katara: You're not staying are you?

(Tenzin, a hand still on Korra's shoulder, explains. Korra's reaction is one of confusion; this isn't how things are supposed to work.)

Tenzin: I'm afraid not. We're only visiting for the night, then I have to return to Republic City.
Korra: But, no... you're supposed to move here. You're supposed to teach me.

(Tenzin puts both hands on Korra's shoulders.)

Tenzin: I'm sorry Korra, your airbending training is going to have to wait.

(Fade to black for commercial break.)

Act II

(We return with a nighttime overhead shot of the training compound. Several structures are illuminated by electric lights. Cut to the inside of some building. It's a dining hall decorated in the Water Tribe fashion. At the center of each table is an open pit spit roast, but there is no meat on any of them tonight, presumably in respect of Tenzin's vegetarianism. Korra, Tenzin, and the three White Lotus masters sit at the room's far table. The rest of the place is deserted.)

Korra: So how long until you are ready to teach me airbending? A week? A month?

(Cut to a close-up of Tenzin. Korra, sitting with a bowl of rice before her and some sort of stew off to the side, still looks dismayed. The camera cuts back and forth in their conversation.)

Tenzin: It could be much longer
Korra: I don't understand. Why are you making me wait?
Tenzin: I have a responsibility to Republic City. I am one of it's leaders, and the situation there is very unstable right now.
Korra: But you also have a responsibility to teach me. Believe me I'd be happy to find another airbending master, but you're the only one. We're stuck with each other.
Tenzin: I wish there were another way.

(Korra perks up.)

Korra: Wait, there is! If you can't stay here, then i'll go back to Republic City with you. It's perfect!

(Cut to a shot of the Loti trio's leader, sitting across from Korra. He slaps the table, jostling his dinner.)

White Lotus Leader: Absolutely not! The city is far too dangerous. Avatar Aang tasked us with keeping you safe while you mastered the four elements.

(Cut back to Korra, leaning on the table, from an over-the-shoulder shot of the Lotus leader.)

Korra: I get that. But I don't think keeping me locked up in this compound like a prisoner is what he had in mind.

(Cut to a shot of all three characters, with Tenzin in the center. When the airbender finishes speaking, Korra stands up.)

Tenzin: I know this is difficult to accept, but its not the right time for you to come to the city.
Korra: Whatever.

(Cut to Tenzin and the trio's leader watching Korra's back as she walks out the nearest door. Cut back to a reaction shot of the two men. The White Lotus leader sighs. Tenzin, eyes closed, bows his head.

Cut to an outdoor shot the next morning. Katara, with her back to the camera in the foreground, waves to her family atop their sky-bison.)

Ikki: Goodbye, Gran Gran!
Tenzin: Oogi, yip yip!

(Oogi takes flight. Katara turns toward the camera and watches them fly off. Saddened, she rubs her eyes. Cut to a shot of Korra stop Naga at the edge of a precipice. As she watches the sky-bison flyby, Naga whines. Cut to a shot of Korra's back. We see now that she's looking out at a cloudy seascape. Again, the White Lotus is monitoring her from a distance.

Cut to a close-up on Korra's face. She's slumped over, chin resting against crossed arms.

Her expression hardens.

Cut to an overhead shot of the compound at night, specifically the part where Naga is stabled. Korra goes into Naga's pen and makes a beeline for her saddle. Just as she's fixing the straps on Naga, Korra is interrupted. She bodily cringes and turns.)

Katara: Nice night for an escape, isn't it?

(Katara stands at the gate to the pen. She smiles in acceptance as Korra explains herself, which relieves Korra.)

Korra: I have to leave. I have to find my own path as the Avatar.
Katara: I know you do. Aang's time has passed. My brother and many of my friends are gone. It's time for you and your generation to take on the responsibility of keeping peace and balance in the world. But I think you're going to be a great Avatar.

(Katara puts a hand on the Avatar's shoulder. Korra leans down slightly and hugs her mentor.)

Korra: Thank you.

(Cut to close-up on Katara's face as they hug. Her eyes are closed.)

Katara: Goodbye, Korra.

(Cut to a shot of the compound in the background. In the foreground, the snows part from underneath as Korra and Naga dig back to the surface. Korra leads the way. Naga shakes off the snow and then she's mounted. The duo race off-screen, stage left.

Cut to an overhead shot of Korra's family home. She and her parents are standing outside in the night, hugging, as warm light from inside has them cast long shadows together. Cut to a brief close-up of the family.)

Korra: Mom, Dad. I'll miss you.
Senna: We love you so much.

(Cut to Korra remounting Naga, her parents little more than silhouettes against their front door. Korra's gaze lingers on them for a moment, then she turns herself and Naga away, expression pained.

Cut to an establishing shot of a gold-trimmed red, white, and blue steamship cutting through the seas. A full moon hangs in the background of a partly cloudy sky. Cut to a cargo hold within that ship, with a green-colored car taking center stage. The car is secured to the floor with stakes and rope. The camera pans right, and half-hidden behind a wall of crates are our stowaways. Cut to Korra, arms behind her head, leaning against a sleeping Naga. Cut to a close-up on Korra. She's grinning and her eyes seem fixed on some distant point well beyond the realm of this cargo hold. Cut to an overhead shot of the steamship as it moves through the sea. Fade in on a sideways shot of the same ship, with the rightward horizon taking on the twilight of an impending dawn.

Cut back to a shot of Naga and Korra sleeping. The ship whines and groans, waking Korra. She rubs her eyes and then springs to her feet.)

Korra: Naga, we're here!

(Cut to a shot of a door being lowered. The sunlight outside seems to burn its way into the gloomy cargo hold. A reaction shot of Korra hiding behind some crates has her flinch at the brightness, shielding her eyes. Squinting, she turns and darts away. As a man with a clipboard oversees some men manually unloading the crates, a white blur darts past them. They look up from their work, surprised. Cut to Naga bounding down the steel gangplank, knocking over one man as she goes.)

Korra: Thanks for the ride!

(Cut to an overhead shot of Naga racing down a dockside along what look to be rail or trolly lines. Electrical lines crisscross the docks.

Cut to the big establishing money shot of Republic City. With their backs to us, Naga ambles alongside the edge of the river. The camera pans left along a suspension bridge, ending with a shot of the city's downtown: towering skyscrapers that gleam in the morning sunlight, with older brick skyscrapers at their feet, and zeppelins putter along to and fro overhead.

Cut to a shot of the traffic jammed suspension bridge, where cars -- or rather, 'satomobiles' -- are in stop and go traffic. The United Republic, incidentally, drives on the right-hand side of the road. Next we cut to a shot of Korra's and Naga's backsides as they walk up to a railing overlooking Yue Bay. The suspension bridge we just looked at is now at the far-right, as is a sort of Tokyo Tower-esq landmark. Korra, and the camera, are focused on Aang Memorial Island off in the bay, where a giant green statue of Aang stands.

Cut to a close-up of Aang's upper-body. An odd musical note sounds, rather like a gong, and when we cut back to Korra she's wide-eyed, as if mesmerized. Cut back to the shot of the bay and the statue, followed by a quick pan leftward to Air Temple Island.)

Korra: Wow, look at this place, I've never seen so many satomobiles. Air Temple Island. That's where Tenzin lives. You ready for a little swim girl?

(Naga sniffs the air, then darts off to the right. Cut to an airship passing overhead, followed by a pan down to a busy avenue. Naga darts onscreen, running against the flow of traffic, and a few satomobilies swerve out of her way. There's some mayhem of a near collision, followed by a shot of Naga running past a sidewalk full of gawking pedestrians, with Korra looking embarrassed. Finally, Naga reaches her destination by tracking down the curious scent to an orange tent.

An inside view of the tent shows Naga's gigantic snout pocking through, followed by her head and, atop that, Korra.)

Korra: Ok! Ok! Food first, then air temple. Watch it Naga! Look out! Oops, sorry about that. Excuse us. Coming through. Heads up. Eh, sorry, we're new in town. Naga, wait.

(Naga looks abashed by her mistress's command. Korra hops off and comes around to the side of the tent. She picks up some meat on a stick.)

Korra: We'll take one of everything please.
Shop Owner: That will be 20 yuans.
Korra: I don't have any money.

(The shop owner hulks out on Korra, snatching the meat on a stick away from her. Despairing, Korra walks away with her head hanging. Going back to Naga's side, the two of them walk towards the camera.)

Shop Owner: Then what good are you to me?!
Korra: Don't worry girl, this city's huge. I bet we can find a place to rustle up something to eat.

(Cut to three fish impaled on sticks; in the background, Naga forages with her head underwater in a small pond. Korra reaches out from behind the camera and flash-cooks each fish with her firebending. She picks up the middle fish-on-a-stick and, in the background, Naga comes up with a live fish in her jaws.

Cut to an establishing shot of a public park. It's a bucolic scene. The leaves on the trees have turned red and gold in the autumn. In the background is the towering skyline of Republic City.

Cut to Korra squatting at the side of the pond, baking a fish with her firebending. Behind her, there's a rustling in a bush. A wild-haired man rises out of it. Cut to Korra biting into the fish, her eyes turning towards the camera as she catches sight of this bush man. Cut to a view of them both on the pond's shore.)

Korra: (gasp)
Park Hobo: Uh, say, think I can get one of those tasty smelling fishies?

(The hobo ambles out of the bush, snatches a fish with a grin once he's given permission, and sits down. He immediately launches into consumption of said fish, devouring it typewriter-style.)

Korra: Oh, uh, yeah sure. So, do you .. live in that bush?
Park Hobo: Yes, presently that is what I do call home. Took me a while to procure a bush that beautious. This park is quite popular with all the vagabounds.

(The bush sparkles.)

Korra: So, there are a lot of you out here? I thought everyone in the city was "living it up."
Park Hobo: Hahaha! You've got a lot to learn newcomer. Welcome to Republic City.

(Korra is confused. This is not what she expected to learn. Then a whistle sounds. The camera jumps to the lelft, where a pudgy cop stands on a bridge over a small stream. He points at Korra and then starts running towards her.)

Police: Hey, you! Stop! You can't fish here!
Park Hobo: You best skedaddle!

(Cut back to Korra and the hobo. He hops up, goes over to his bush, and dives in. Korra whistles for Naga and they run off. The cop shortly gives up the chase as the exertion leaves him bent over, gasping for breath. Behind him, the hobo pops out of the bushes and waves goodbye at Korra.

Cut to Korra riding Naga through another section of the park. There's a fountain nearby. Cut to a man with a megaphone standing on a table before a poster of Amon. A dozen or so people stand around him, listening. Naga halts as they amble nearby. Korra is listening.)

Antibender Protestor: Are you tired of living under the tyranny of benders? Then join the Equalists! For too long, the bending elite of this city have forced non benders to live as lower class citizens. Join Amon, and together we will tear down the bending establishment.

(When she starts talking, all heads turn towards her. There's a back-and-forth between her and the protester.)

Korra: What are you talking about? Bending is the coolest thing in the world!
Antibender Protestor: Oh yeah, let me guess. You're a bender.
Korra: Yeah, I am.
Antibender Protestor: Then I bet you'd just love to knock me off this platform with some waterbending, huh?
Korra: I'm seriously thinking about it.
Antibender Protestor: This is what's wrong with this city! Benders like this girl only use their power to oppress us.

(The crowd jeers Korra, who's confused and annoyed.)

Korra: I'm not oppressing anyone! You're... you're oppressing yourself.
Antibender Protestor: That didn't even make sense!

(Korra rides off, the jeering crowd to her back. Cut to a sleepy side street with several shops and street stalls. Korra is walking beside Naga now. She walks over to an older woman sitting with someone and asks for directions. Before she can get them, there's the roar of an engine. Cut to a nearby street-corner, where a red car pulls around into sight. Cut back to Korra and the older woman, who warns off Korra and then makes herself scare.)

Korra: Excuse me, I think I'm lost. How do I get to Air Temple Island from here?
Shop Woman: Just head down this street. You should get moving young lady, it isnt safe.

(Cut to a close-up of the red satomobile as it parks. Its front grill is decorated with a lion-turtle's face. Three thugs exit the car. Cut to a view of a male shopkeeper polishing a red phonograph. The three thugs freak out the shopkeeper, who drops his rag. Cut to a close-up of the three smiling thugs.)

Waterbending Thug: Mr. Chung, please tell me that you have my money, or else i cant guatentee i can protect your fine establishment.
Mr. Chung: I'm sorry, business has been slow. Please, take one of my phonographs.

(The one with the red scarf bends some fire in the palm of his hand.

Cut back to the shopkeeper. He tries to appease the thugs, but the red scarfed man wordlessly destroys the offered phonograph with a flaming kick. The shopkeeper screams and falls backwards.)

Waterbending Thug: My friend here is not a music lover. Give me the money, or else...
Korra: Or else what hoodlum?

(The thugs turn around, as does the camera, zooming about-face to see Korra standing behind them, hands on hips. Cut back to the thugs, who after staring for a moment glance at each other and start laughing.

Waterbending Thug: Hahaha! Since you're obviously fresh off the boat, let me explain a couple things. You're in Triple Threat Triad territory, and we're about to put you in the hospital.

(Some cuts around the street, showing shopkeepers watching this exchange from their hiding places. The thugs, however, aren't pleased when Korra talks back to them.)

Korra: You're the only ones who are gonna need a hospital. And for your sake, I hope there's one nearby.
Waterbending Thug: Who do you think you are?
Korra: Why don't you come and find out.

(Korra, fist in palm, stares back confidently at the lead thug. Cut back to him. His eye twitches, and the camera snaps back as he hollers and reaches into his coat for some water. He attacks Korra with it, who catches the water in her left hand and tosses it back in his face. The water envelopes his head and freezes, leaving his partners with their jaws on the ground. He staggers around, but Korra defeats him with a single kick, throwing him against the front of his car. The ice enveloping his head and thrown-off hat shatters against the decorative lion-turtle face. He slumps against the car. He partners stare on for an instant, disbelieving, before the tall one with the pale green shirt turns to Korra and tries to attack her with his earthbending. Only Korra is already in motion; she rockets him into the air on a pillar of stone. The camera pans up as the earthbender thug flies high into the sky.

Cut to the old shopkeeper lady and her friend. They're staring up into the sky.)

Shop Woman: What just happened?
Shop Man: Did she just earthbend?

(Cut to the earthbender thug hitting every branch while falling down the preverbal tree. When he's finally kissing the pavement, the red-scarfed thug turns back to Korra and blasts her with fire. Cut to Korra leaping through the flames, a smile on her lips. She grabs the firebender's hands and he screams like a little girl. Cut back to the shopkeeper duo. Their eyes go a little wider as they being to grasp who Korra is.)

Shop Woman: Can she firebend too?
Shop Man: Could she be...?

(Cut to Korra swinging around the firebender she's grappling with, then tossing him across the street and through the rice paper windows of a clock shop. He takes out two giant clocks on display as he goes down. Korra saunters up to the now-open air shop.)

Korra: Got an idea about who I am now, chups?

(Suddenly there's the revving of an engine. Korra looks to the left. Cut to a sideways shot of Korra standing outside the shop as the trio's red car swevers towards her. Korra moves out of the way. The earthbender thug yells at the firebender to get in, but the waterbender won't slow down the car, and in the end the earthbender catapults the firebender into the car using a pillar of bent earth.)

Earthbending Thug: Come on!
Korra: You're not getting away!

(Korra takes off running after them, then jumps into an earthbending form. Ripping up the road, she flips the trio's car with some earthbending. The car lands right-side up, but the attack causes it to drive into a storefront.

Cut to smoke clearing, revealing the car wreck. As Korra jogs into sight of them, the door pops open and the thugs flop onto the ground in a heap. Immediately a siren sounds. Naga starts to howl in sympathy. Korra looks up and we cut to a worm's-eye view of an airship flying overhead in the blue sky. A sideways shot of the airship shows a door opening, and we cut to the backs of metalbenders as they leap out from that door mid-flight. They deploy metal lines, slowing their descent as they land, then retract those lines into the sleeves of their uniforms.

As the thugs stagger out of the ruined shopfront, Korra gestures to her quarry. The cops trap the trio in metal wires. Then the lead metalbender walks up to Korra and points at her.)

Korra: Cool, metal benders. I caught the bad guys for you, officers.
Metalbending Cop 1: Arrest them! You're under arrest too!

(Cut to a zoom in on Korra's shocked expression.)

Korra: (gasp)

(Fade to black for commercial break.)


(We return to a shot of both Korra and the lead metalbender cop. Korra backpedals, growing defensive.)

Korra: What do you mean I am under arrest? Those are the bad guys over there, they were smashing up a shop!

(Cut to an overhead shot of the street. We can easily see the ripped up road, the swerving tread-marks, and the smashed shopfront the Triads drive through.)

Cop: From the looks of it, you smashed up a lot more than that.

(The cop shoots metal wire at Korra. She dodges and grabs the line, holding it. They tug at one another.)

Korra: Wait, you... you can't arrest me, let me explain!

(Cut back to the cop. He retracts the wire into his sleeve.)

Cop: You can explain yourself all you like down at headquarters.

(Cut back to Korra in front of the smashed storefront. She retreats as the cop comes at her, whipping his wires, but the assault is interrupted by Naga, who comes around and body checks the cop from behind. A reaction shot shows the other cops aghast. They quickly run to their partner's defense. Korra hops on Naga and they run for it. One cop takes a flying jump at them, but Korra puts her boot to his face and kicks him back. One cop comes to the aid of the kicked officer, while the second man shoots his wires at some overhead lines, pulling himself up and then skating alonge the metal in hot pursuit of Korra. Civilian bystanders gasp as the chase rushes past them.

Cut to the camera zooming close over a tiled roof, below in the background is Naga racing toward a bridge. As the camera zips past the edge of the roof, the tiles burst off the roof. They are knocked off by the metalbender, jumping off the roof and shooting a line at Korra. Cut to that line wrapping around her warrior's wolftail and yanking her head back. Grimacing in pain, Korra throws her hands back, whipping up pillars of ice from either side of the bridge she's crossing. Cut to metalbender's eyes going wide as he zooms face-first into the ice. His hold on Korra's hair goes slack. She looks back. Cut to the shadowed form of the cop sliding down the ice sheet, the spot opposite where he hit it spiderwebbed from the impact. Cut to Korra facing forward, a bit of a smile on her face.

Naga gallops down the street, at the edge of which is a staircase that she runs up. Cut to an overhead street at the top of that staircase. A green car swerves to a stop to dodge the polar bear-dog crossing the street. Cut to a shot of Korra atop Naga, racing alongside some buildings, and two metalbenders dropping down onto 'skating' lines. Korra peels towards the camera. Cut to Naga racing down a street, then jumping off a bridge and onto a passing train. Naga struggles with her foot for a moment, but comes out on top of the train. Korra sighs in relief.

Cut to a shot of Air Temple Island off in the bay. In the foreground, utility lines and the tops of buildings blur past it. Cut back to Korra as a shadow passes over her. A siren sounds and she looks up. A police airship is lowering itself down towards her. Cut back to Korra, her face set with determination. As the elevated train turns a corner, Naga leaps across a gulf to a building's roof. Yet even as they land, a web of metal lines encircles Naga, yanking them both high into the air. As Korra starts to react, a second tangle of lines traps her.

Cut to a sideways shot of Korra and Naga entangled in wires beneath a moving airship. They both struggle for a moment, then slacken as their defeat sets in.

New scene. An establishing shot of Republic City Police HQ, a wide, low building. As Lin Beifong starts to speak, we cut to a close-up shot of a statue standing at the center exterior of the HQ. It's an adult Toph wearing a police uniform, immortalized in bronze.

Cut to an elaborate-looking interrogation room. Korra, shoulders hunched, sits with her hands cuffed to a table. Chief Lin Beifong, holding a clipboard, walks behind the seated Avatar. She slams the clipboard down on the table and gives Korra the stink eye.)

Lin: Let's see, multiple counts of destruction of private and city property... not to mention evading arrest. You're in a whole mess of trouble young lady.
Korra: But there were some thugs threatening a helpless shop keeper and I had to...
Lin: Can it! You should have called the police and stayed out of the way.
Korra: But I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. It's my duty to help people. See, I'm the Avatar.

(Cut to Lin standing up, right Korra in the right-hand foreground.)

Lin: Oh I am well aware of who you are. And your Avatar title might impress some people, but not me.

(Cut back to Korra. Collecting herself, she shifts from cowed to determined.)

Korra: Alright, fine. Then I want to talk to whoever's in charge.

(Cut back to Lin. She takes a seat opposite Korra.)

Lin: You're talking to her. I'm Chief Beifong.

(Cut to a full view of the interrogation room and of both women. Korra snaps upright when she makes the connection who Lin is.)

Korra: Wait, Beifong. Lin Beifong? You're Toph's daughter!
Lin: What of it?
Korra: Then why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends, They saved the world together.
Lin: That's anciet history... and it's got diddle squat to do with the mess you're in right now. You can't just waltz in here and dole out vigilante justice like you own the place!

(A small section of the far wall open. A male cop's face appears. Both women look to him.)

Cop: Chief, Councilman Tenzin is here.
Lin: (sigh) Let him in.

(Cut back to a shot of Lin sitting at the table. She stands and turns. The wall behind her pulls apart in pieces, revealing Tenzin on the other side. Cut to a close-up on Tenzin. His expression is a disgruntled one. Cut to an over-the-shoulder shot of Korra taken from Lin's perspective. Korra tries to put a good face on her nerves.)

Korra: Tenzin, sorry... I got a little side tracked on my way to see you.

(Cut back to Tenzin. He arches a bushy eyebrow and his eyes shift over to Lin. Tenzin stifles his annoyance and tries to be pleasant. The camera cuts to a side shot of him and Lin.)

Tenzin: [takes a deep breath] Lin, you are looking radiant as usual.
Lin: Cut the garbage, Tenzin. Why is the Avatar in Republic City? I thought you were supposed to be moving down to the South Pole to train her?

(Cut back to Tenzin, who grows annoyed. Cut to the same over-the-shoulder shot of Korra, who slumps in defeat at Tenzin's mood.)

Tenzin: My relocation has been delayed. The Avatar, on the other hand, will be heading back to the South Pole immediately, where she will stay put.
Korra: But!

(Cut to a view of all three. Lin stands with her back to the camera, hands held behind her.)

Tenzin: If you would be so kind as to drop the charges against korra, I will take full responsibility for today's regrettable events, and cover all the damages.

(Cut to a shot over Tenzin's shoulder of Lin and Korra. The police chief turns her head aside for a moment, as if weighing whether she should go along with this or not, but then she exhales and unlocks Korra's cuffs with a wave of her hand. Crossing her arms, Lin scowls at Tenzin. In the background, Korra rubs her wrists.)

Lin: Fine. Get her out of my city.
Tenzin: Always a pleasure, Lin. Let's go Korra.

(Tenzin turns and walks out. Korra follows him, not quite able to take her eyes off Lin as she passes by her. Cut to Lin doing an "I'm keeping my eyes on you" gesture at Korra. Cut to a reaction shot, where Korra makes a stink face and returns the gesture, then tromps out of the room. Cut back to Lin, whose surprise shifts into a "that didn't even make sense" look.

Cut to a waiting room in the Police HQ. A tiny elderly woman sits on a bench with a giant platypus-bear on a leash seated beside her.

Cut to a shot of Tenzin and Korra standing in front of some station desk. Cut to Korra making dramatic hand gestures as she explains herself.)

Korra: Tenzin, please, don't send me back home.
Tenzin: You blantanly disobeyed my wishes, and the orders of the White Lotus
Korra: Katara agreed with me that I should come. She said my destiny is in Republic City.

(Cut to Tenzin. He freaks out, spittle flying everywhere as his head goes red like a chili pepper.)

Tenzin: Don't bring my mother into this!

(Cut back to a shot of both of them. As Korra continues to talk with her hands, Tenzin strokes his long goatee, clearly considering her words.)

Korra: Look, I can't wait any longer to finish my training. Being couped up and hidden away from the world isn't helping me become a better Avatar. I saw a lot of the city today, and it's totally out of whack. I understand now why you need to stay. Republic City does need you, but it needs me too.

(Tenzin tries to respond to her earnest appeal, but he can't quite put words together. He lamely looks away. They're both distracted by the arrival of a policeman escorting Naga. The policeman looks decidedly unhappy with his lot in life at the moment. Cut to a close-up on them as Naga licks the officer's hair, slicking it with his saliva and twirling it so that it looks like he has ice cream piled on top of his head.)

Tenzin: You... ugh...
Police Officer: Is this your polar bear dog, miss?

(New scene. A twilight exterior shot of Aang Memorial Island. A junk sails past it. In the background, Republic City is alight. Cut to a close overhead shot of Tenzin as he stands at the railing of the junk, looking up at his father's statue. The look on Tenzin's face is sad, almost a touch mournful. Cut to a shot from Tenzin's POV, looking up at the giant looming statue of Aang against a cloud sunset sky. Cut back to Tenzin. He seems to sigh. Then he turns around and the camera cuts to a view his fellow passengers. Naga is asleep. Korra, meanwhile, stands at the railing and stares at Republic City with her back to the camera.

Cut to a shot of Air Temple Island. It's a bit later now; the gloamin, when the sun has set but the world still holds a bit of light in the deep purple of twilight's end. The junk has docked on a pier with electric floor lights. Also docked is a steamer ship, smaller and functional-looking rather than the gilded titanic steamer Korra stowed-away on earlier in the episode. Cut to three White Lotus men stand on the dock; behind them their steamer ship has lowered a gangplank. Cut to Korra looking at them. She's anxious, but sighs in acceptance. Cut to an overhead shot of them all as Korra, a tiny figure now, begins walking towards the White Lotus. Suddenly two gliders cut into shot. Cut to a shot of the gliders landing: Ikki first, then Jinora with Meelo riding piggyback. They collapse their gliders and rush over to Korra. Ikki and Meelo immediately hug her legs. Jinora holds back for a moment, then joins her siblings.)

Tenzin's Kids: Korra!

(Cut to a close-up on Ikki. She's excited. Cut to a view of the girls' backs. Korra, with a hand on each of their shoulders, kneels down.)

Ikki: Are you coming to live with us on the island?
Korra: No, I'm sorry Ikki. I have to go home now.
Ikki: (disappointed) Oh...

(Cut to Tenzin. His expression shifts almost imperceptibly at his eyes; sadness, maybe. Cut to a rear shot of Tenzin and his children as they watch Korra go to meet the White Lotus. Cut to a shot of a sad Korra walking alongside Naga, one hand on her for support. When Tenzin speaks, Korra is shocked for a second before recomposing herself. She turned back toward Tenzin. He walks over to her. Cut to a shot of Tenzin and Korra's back. He puts a hand on her shoulder, and her expression is surprised. Then Korra's jaw drops from joy.

Cut to a side shot of both of them and Tenzin's children. As they cheer, Korra effortlessly scoops them and Tenzin up in her arms and lifts them into the air. Naga comes over and rubs her head against Korra's back. Cut to a close-up on Tenzin. He sighs, uncomfortable but patient.)

Tenzin: Wait. I have done my best to guide Republic City towards the dream my father had for it, but you are right. It has fallen out of balance since he passed. I thought I should put off your training in order to uphold his legacy, but you are his legacy. You may stay and train airbending here with me. Republic City needs its Avatar once again.
Korra: Yes! Thank you! You're the best!
Tenzin's Kids: Yay!!

(New scene. A daytime exterior shot of City Hall, with a large cheering crowd in front of it. Cut to a shot of the crowd where photographers hold up old-style flash bulbs as they snap shots. Cut to a shot of an anxious Korra at a podium outfitted with five microphones. Cut to a shot from Korra's back of the crowd before her. Cut to several fast shots of reporters asking her questions.)

Korra: Hello, I'm Korra, your new Avatar.
News Reporter 1: Does this mean you've moved to Republic City?
News Reporter 2: Were you trying to send a message to the Triads yesterday?
News Reporter 3: Will you be fighting crime or the anti bending revolution or both?
News Reporter 4: Will you be working with Chief Beifong and the police?

(Cutting back to Korra, she's struggling to say something coherent. Then she gathers herself and begins to talk more comfortably. Cut to a wide shot of Korra on the steps of City Hall as the reporters snap more photos. At her right is Tenzin. At her left are Naga and Chief Beifong.)

Korra: Uh, yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly, I don't exactly have a plan yet. See I'm still in training... but... look, all I know is Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world, and I believe we can make his dream a reality. I look forward to serving you! I am so happy to be here. Thank you Republic City!

(Cut to a radio tuned to Korra's press conference. An Equalist sits behind the radio, chin resting on folded hands as he listens. There are footsteps and a hand reaches over to turn off the radio. The camera follows the hand back up to its owner, the Lieutenant.)

Tenzin: (voice-over, through the radio) Alright, that's all the questions the Av--
Lieutenant: Amon, how do you want to handle this?

(Cut to a shot of both the Lieutenant and Amon's backs. The camera reveals that we're seeing a basemen of some sort, with wires coming in through the wooden ceiling. Amon is standing in front of a map of Republic City, his hands clasped behind his back. Cut to close-up on Amon's hooded head. He half-turns to face the camera, his face masked.)

Amon: So, the Avatar has arrived early. It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans.

[End Credits]

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